The new NBA technical rules still have quite a few people hot and bothered. Chris Bosh and LeBron James aren’t fans. Stephen Jackson is kind of confused by them but is trying to be better. J.R. Smith is just trying to understand, man. A big chunk of the players in the league know the rules and they know why they’re being enforced more stringently this season, but that doesn’t mean they like them.

However, there’s at least one guy in the NBA who’s crazy about these new quick Ts — Detroit Pistons guard Ben Gordon. He’s head-over-heels in love with the new guidelines because he thinks they’re going to give him an upper hand. From the Chicago Tribune:

“I’m all for it, and I think it will make the game go a lot smoother,” Gordon said when he was asked about the new guidelines last week. “There are times when guys are complaining a bit excessively. It kind of slows the game down. It messes with the flow of the game.”

Gordon even said it might help him.

“I won’t struggle with it, but I’m hoping some guys who are used to arguing with refs and trying to beg for calls and stuff, hopefully it will affect their game a little bit more,” Gordon added. “It will give me an extra edge.”

Gordon didn’t get a single technical last year, so of course he’s going to be an advocate for the new rules. Not to mention, he’s pseudo-British, which means he’s got that famed stiff upper lip. He wouldn’t be complaining even if he were allowed to. And he’s probably right about the guys that are used to arguing with the refs. Some of them are so fueled by emotion, that if they have to suppress it their games might be affected.

As they say, in the land of the angry, the calm man is king. And also, apparently, Ben Gordon.