In case you were wondering how Kobe Bryant felt about this year’s version of the Miami Heat, this concise Q&A with the Denver Post’s Benjamin Hochman should just about clear up any questions you may have.

Q: You famously find motivation in different things. Do you find some motivation in the existence of the Miami Heat?

A: No. I don’t need it. I don’t need it.

Q: When you heard the Heat was getting LeBron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh, what was your reaction?

A: Woooow.

Q: Wow meaning, this team is going to be really good?

A: Wow meaning, how did Pat Riley pull this (expletive) off? Impressive.

Q: How good can the Heat be?

A: Great.

Q: When you heard the Heat was putting those players together, did you think, “Oh, that’s who we’ll play in the Finals next year?”

A: That’s what you all said. I said, “I got to get my knee healthy.”

That’s 36 words of “I couldn’t care less about the Heat because I’m Kobe Bryant and none of those guys are.”

Comments (5)

  1. God bless Kobe Bryant

  2. Oh, man. He crushed them. I’m sure Eddie House will be FURIOUS.

  3. Maybe Kobe should make an one-hour-plus TV-show how he feels about the heat.

    Oh wait… that’s more LeBron’s style.

  4. Thank god there are interviewers patient enough to get the goods out of Kobe.

    That being said: classic kobe.

  5. another reason why kobe is starting to grow on me

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