The Basketball Jones is getting you caught up on all 30 NBA teams before the season starts October 26. Up next, Will Smith’s favorite NBA franchise, the Miami Heat.

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  1. Might want to adjust the volume a bit up.

  2. Seriously Tas? First you predict 16 wins for the Cavs and now you predict 70 for the Heat? Either you’re a Lebron homer or you’re just doling out those predictions in order to stir up the comments section.

  3. @Nick Z.: The Cavs won 61 games last season and 66 games the season before that. Do you think this Heat team might be a little more talent-infused than those Cavs teams? The only thing that could stop this team from winning 70 games is injuries. I agree with you that the Cavs prediction is a tad low, however. I think they can win 25-30 games.

  4. @Scott: The Heat are certainly more talent-infused if you look at the top three players. But what if you look at a 9-10 man rotation? What if you compare them to the Lakers teams of 2008/09 and 2009/10 – who didn’t get to 70 wins either. And do you think Miami can win 39 of it’s home games like the Cavs did in 2008/09?

    Also, the Cavs played in a pretty crappy division the past two years. The south-east should be a fair bit stronger than that.

    I’m not saying there is no chance that this Heat team can get to 70 wins but based on what we’ve seen the past few years I don’t think it’s very realistic. Personally, I’ll be VERY surprised if they accomplish this feat.

  5. @Nick: All the Heat need their 4 through 10 guys to do is hit open shots, rebound and play defense. Have they got the guys to do that? It certainly seems like it. The only Eastern team that appears to match up well with them is Orlando. Tey’re just too potent offensively for everyone else.

  6. Overrated. I hope they go out in the first round of the playoffs against somebody like the Bucks.

  7. It’s going to be really interesting to see how this plays out.

    You really can’t take issue with the logic behind a 70-win prediction when you look at what LeBron’s records with the Cavs were.

    At the same time, you have to question the depth, and whether or not they will be able to win in the postseason.

    I may sound hypocritical as a Celtics fan questioning whether three superstars can carry a team to victory. But I think the Cs (even in 2008) were better at 1 and 5 than the Heat are now and I really think they had a better bench (Posey and Powe to go with House).

    Should be quite a show no matter how it turns out.

  8. If James can get 66 wins with the Cavs, he can get 70 with Wade, Bosh and Miller.

  9. It’s not that easy: not the same division as the Cavs, not as much depth, plus other teams have improved in the East in the last 2 years (Bucks, Bulls, Pacers, at least)…

    Again, as usual, people forget that you have to win those games against another team… To have a better team than last year’s Cavs doesn’t necessarily mean they win more games… Not that easy… You can’t just take the Cavs record and say “oh well, they’re sure to do better than that!”, ‘cuz they’re not…

    I don’t buy the can win 70 games this season, but, hey, I haven’t seen ‘em play yet, so I’d have no idea…

  10. The Heat will do whatever they can to finish top of the east, end of story.

    Considering the biggest competition is either the VC based Magic feat. pumaman = fail. or The Celtics feat, The Big Minimum = On the Jermaine O’Neal scale of fail.
    So a more than likely scenario.

    Whether this equals 70+ wins = doubtful, what seems almost certain is a comfortable top three seed in the east. But we all knew that anyway.

  11. Again, I think the biggest question is not the regular season (they will have a great record), but the postseason.

  12. once again i have to say that either you guys are either overrating lebron’s game with the cavs or you’re seriously underrating lebron’s old teammates. i’d like to believe that’s it is the latter because according to u guys the cavs are going to win about 50 less games without james, so according to that logic with him now in miami, we’re looking at a 75+ game season from them (ur logic not mine). i will admit that it’s almost a given that they will have the best record in the league this season.

  13. On paper, they win 70 games. On the floor, they only have one ball.

    They will be an interesting team to watch if they hit any adversity.

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