I said it before and I meant it — Baron Davis and Blake Griffin are the high-flying, alley-ooping pick-and-roll combo the NBA has been lacking since the tragic demise of Tyson Chandler. But that doesn’t mean Randy Foye can’t get in on the action. Apparently any Clippers pick-and-roll turns out stupid good.

Blake barely even gets a piece of Foye’s mark on the screen, but that doesn’t even matter because Randy decides to throw a lob over two defenders and in between another two. Somehow it works out beautifully, mostly because Blake Griffin is an absolute freak with no qualms about hurtling down the lane and diving towards the hoop fully outstretched from just inside the jump ball circle. That play should have gone awry for so many reasons, but we end up getting an incredible dunk off a perfectly placed pass.

Like I said, stupid good.

(via Get Banged On)

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  1. Randy Foye with the lob in this video

  2. thats foye not baron you dumb truck

  3. Thanks guys. I’m a blind man. Updated.

  4. Do they not change the floor for preseason games at Staples?

  5. Also a good point. That is very weird.

  6. It was the round robin they played in LA last weekend and the Lakers played Denver right after this game. They were the ones hosting the tournament so of course it would be their floor.

  7. And that makes a lot of sense. Randy from Utah, everybody.

  8. Blake Griffin and the pick and roll are going to be good friends this year. It really doesn’t matter who the point guard is.

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