I know what you’re thinking — it’s way too early for Ken Jeong to be Ken Jeong-ing in your ear canals. Well, think again, Buster Brown. These new adidas commercials will be the best 67 seconds of your morning.

Up top you’ve got Ken — oops, “Slim Chin” — with Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose and fancy luxury items such as a lady pyramid, caviar pool and a solid gold jet ski that would make Mikhail Prokhorov jealous if he had emotions. Down below you’ve got Slim and Dwight Howard, plus a pet cheetah, a human-sized stack of hundred dollar bills and a private plane. Standard rich guy stuff.

Check ‘em out, have a laugh, then get just a little bit sad that somebody somewhere could really own all of these things and that it’s not you. I know I’m bummed that I’ll never have a chance to swim in a pool full of fish eggs while my cheetah growls softly.

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  1. nudity!
    on tnt there was nudity in version that was shown on TV for this commercial.
    in that commercial, the bikini is off the model to the left of the picture

    this doesnt belong on TNT
    and shouldnt be shown when kids are watching basketball

  2. [...] recently debuted his first signature shoe, the adidas adiZero Rose, and he’s been featured in adidas commercials. He’s one of the faces of the Bulls, and despite his lack of personality, [...]

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