If you’re reading this website, you’re probably an Internet nerd or a basketball junkie. Maybe both, but certainly at least one. As such, the NBA’s got something that’s right up your alley.

It’s called NBA Turnstile and it seems pretty fancypants. Here are the details, courtesy of a press release:

NBA Digital today announced the launch of NBA Turnstile, the first professional sports multiplatform check-in application that will reward fans for attending and watching live games, and connect them to social media platforms such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter, Facebook, and Fanvibe through the league’s digital products.

Available during the 2010-11 NBA season, NBA Turnstile will be accessible through NBA Game Time, the NBA’s mobile application that provides video highlights, scores, statistics, player information and more.

NBA Turnstile, developed in conjunction with Fanvibe, will combine virtual and location based check-ins for fans during all NBA games allowing them to compete against each other to unlock virtual badges, earn NBA prizes, and receive special discounts. The innovative application will reward fan loyalty with weekly, monthly, and season long badges, in addition to unlocking virtual content tied to special NBA events during the year, such as Christmas Day Games, NBA All-Star, and The Finals. Overall, fans will be able to access NBA Turnstile through Web sites, mobile, and select connected devices.

It’s kind of hard to tell what’s really going on here, but from what I gather this is is some sort of Foursquare/Twitter/basketball mashup that’s going to hook you up for watching the games you’re going to be watching anyway. You get points for going to games or from watching at home, and then those points turn in to free tickets, merchandise and the like. Pretty good deal. All you need is a smartphone and the dedication to remember checking in when you’re sitting on the couch and your wife is asking you to help make guacamole.

At the very least, this will help you keep track of what games you watched on a given night. Believe me, when it’s February and you just sat through a Pacers/Pistons game, it’s pretty easy to forget.