It’s been two years since the Seattle SuperSonics magically transmorphed in to the Oklahoma City Thunder. ‘Twas a traumatic event for Washingtonians, and they’re still feeling it today. The Thunder are the hottest young team in the history of hot young teams. Kevin Durant is a huge star at the tender age of 22. Even Nenad Krstic is on the cover of Sports Illustrated, despite whipping a chair in to the face of an opponent two months ago. Big things are happening for the franchise formerly known as the Sonics.

In response to this amazing prosperity, Seattle fans are doing what they do best — wearing green and gold. From a Sonicsgate press release:

A group of “never say die” Seattle SuperSonics fans will travel to The Rose Garden in Portland for the nationally televised TrailBlazers vs. Thunder game on Thursday, Nov. 4.  With no current NBA team to cheer for, these fans will wear the Sonics team colors, green and gold, to demonstrate their support for bringing the defunct NBA franchise back to Seattle.

The filmmakers behind the acclaimed documentary “Sonicsgate: Requiem For A Team” encourage all Northwest basketball fans to wear Sonics colors at the game to honor the once proud NBA franchise and show support for bringing a team back to Seattle.  The film’s director Jason Reid and producer Adam Brown will be in attendance and available for interviews.

“We know we will never get our team that was robbed from us back, and it hurts to see Kevin Durant become the best young player in the league on an exciting, competitive team that should be playing in Seattle right now,” Reid said.  “But as basketball fans living in the best basketball city in the nation, we have to remind both our local elected officials and the league that we supported the NBA in Seattle for 41 years.  Bring back our Seattle SuperSonics!”

Losing a team has to suck, but it’s still kind of awesome that these bros are passionate about their team two years after the fact. Showing up to a Trail Blazers game in Sonics colors isn’t going to change anything — which they know — yet these guys are still adamant about giving love to a now-defunct franchise. It might be pointless, but it’s still cool. Keep the faith, guys.

Of course, if there had been a few thousand more fans this dedicated to going to Sonics games, this whole thing might have been avoided in the first place. Oh, well, hindsight is 20/20.