Blake Griffin has looked very good this preseason. He’s been dunking all over everyone. He’s playing so hard you get tired watching him. Best of all, he’s showing no lingering effects from last season’s knee injury and surgery. He’s been so good, in fact, that people are tripping over themselves to say just how good he is.

First, ESPN’s Bill Simmons called him one of the five best power forwards in the league. A bit premature, but that’s nothing compared to the Orange County Register’s Earl Bloom who is already calling Griffin the second best player in Los Angeles, ahead of Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest and Baron Davis. And even that’s nothing when you see that Bloom compared Griffin to one of the best young centers in the NBA and two legendary Hall of Famers. No biggie.

Griffin is an energy player. Think Joakim Noah, only with ball skills. The Clippers don’t have to run plays for Griffin; he’ll get his points, and lots of them, in the flow of the game.

Think young Karl Malone, only with a bit more athleticism, and maybe missing the mean streak (although we might see that emerge).

Defensively, Griffin already is accomplished. Again, his extreme effort takes him above and beyond. He gets steals and makes deflections like few big men. Think Hakeem Olajuwon.

OK, so Blake Griffin is a more skilled Joakim Noah who plays like a more athletic Karl Malone with the defensive instincts of Hakeem Olajuwon. Basically, he’s one of the best offensive players ever combined with one of the best defensive players ever, plus a little rising star, just for good measure. Blake Griffin, apparently, will win every single MVP for the rest of his NBA career. Good to know.

But that’s not it — Griffin also has a lot of other skills that may seem familiar:

  • Makes omelets like a young Jacques Pépin, only fluffier.
  • Writes piano ballads like Paul McCartney, but more touching.
  • Acts in summer blockbusters like Will Smith only with higher box office potential.
  • Paints like Leonardo da Vinci, but is probably a better inventor.
  • Throws knives like Paul Hogan, only faster.
  • Similar to 1983 Eddie Murphy, but funnier and without the raunchy streak.
  • Dresses like a young Yves Saint Laurent, just with better taste.
  • As strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but with more muscle definition.

So yeah, Blake Griffin is kind of a big deal. Rookie of the Year is basically a given. He’s really shooting for Rookie of the Forever, which he’ll win easily.