Hear Dwight Howard sing!

We’ve known about Dwight Howard’s debut album “Shoot for the Stars” for quite some time now.  We knew it was for a good cause. We’ve known that it’d be full of Dwight singing pop songs with kids and we knew it would be hilarious. We knew a lot of things because we’re all so zeitgeist-y.

But I think it’s safe to say that no one could fathom just how amazing this record really is. Sparty and Friends got their hands on a couple of songs — the Black Eyed Peas “Let’s Get It Started” and Smashmouth’s “All-Star,” which are essentially the two best songs for anybody to sing — and they are just as good as you are probably imagining right now. Dwight’s freestyle mouth sounds on the bridge of Smashmouth’s masterpiece are a particularly tasty treat.

So go and check out the tracks because you are not going to want to be one of the people who missed out on this musical talent when he was first getting started. This is like hearing Bob Dylan’s demo tapes in 1962.

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  1. This is awesome haha, if only I lived within the U.S (Actually tried to order the album) Would be good fun to have a CD with that goofy cartoon smile on Dwights face

  2. @ Marioellie: Really??!! Did it ever occur to you that these kinds of posts are WHY they hired him? Keep up the great work Trey! And Marioellie, go to bed early tonight and try to get some rest. It will take the edge off. :)

  3. If Lebron wanted to give to the kids he would have thought of something like this instead of the decision. This is how you give without making it all about you.

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