The Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers have one of those great NBA rivalries that you rarely hear about. It’s usually all Celtics/Lakers or Spurs/Suns, but the animosity between these two Californian franchises is so real that it has its own Wikipedia entry. Whether it’s about who wears purple best, the 2002 Western Conference finals or which team gets to claim Vlade Divac as their own, these two franchises are sworn enemies.

Except for when it comes to crushing each other’s cheerleaders, like Carl Landry did last week. Then it’s OK to be nice, since chivalry is still alive. Perhaps it’s best if Landry explains, as he did in a recent Sacramento radio interview that’s been transcribed by the dudes at Sports Radio Interviews.

“At that moment I didn’t know I hit a Laker Girl, I just knew I hit something. I was thinking maybe it was a table, but my reaction was to get up right away, see what happened, and why he did that. I hope she’s okay and I wish her the best. Not the Lakers, but I hope she’s okay though.”

That’s a good rule of thumb, actually. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to apologize for demolishing an opposing cheerleader, do so willingly. Just make sure to throw in a little dig towards the other team, while you’re at it.

After all, that’s exactly how they did it in medieval times. Cheerleaders and all.