In this day and age, it’s all about connectivity, satellite transmissions and up-to-the-minute updates of piping hot content. Facebooks, blogs, Twitters — you know, buzzwords. If you don’t have great strat, you’re nothing in the Digital Era. Social networking, poking, the movie “The Social Network,” bunnies in cups, a photo of Yuta Tabuse.

You get the picture.

Ron Artest — wise man that he is — realizes this and that’s why he has his own iPhone app “Let’s Do It.” Because, as we all know, you can never have too much Ron Artest. Here are the specs:

“Ron Artest – Let’s Do It!” Includes:

- The Ron Artest Show: Ron takes you inside the ropes and into the NBA and Music worlds.  Come along during the new NBA season with Ron Artest and the Los Angeles Lakers.  Meet and learn about Laker stars like Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher and Ron’s hometown friend Lamar Odom.

Dozens of exclusive videos and original webisode shows are available only in “Ron Artest – Let’s Do It!” including Rank’d with Ron Artest, Dear Ron, Ron Artest’s Sports Psychology, Pop Topics with Ron Artest and Rapid Fire.  Ron is constantly adding new segments as he begins training camp and starts the new NBA season.

- Interact directly with Ron: Ron is known for the access he gives his fans, and he steps up this access through his App.  Ron can often be found inviting fans to dodge ball games on the beach, visiting fans at their homes for breakfast and singing Karaoke with fans in their living rooms.   Ron will be continuing the fun by communicating these activities directly through the App.

- NBA All Access: Are you a fan of the NBA?  All 30 NBA teams have their own section in this App which includes the latest news, videos and streaming podcasts, tweets by top players and fans, blogs devoted to each team and Facebook and Myspace pages.  Interact and get immersed in your out-of-town teams and their fan bases.

- Music:  All of Ron’s music is available through the App, samples of every song, as well as behind the scenes videos of Ron and his music celebrity friends and collaborators.  Ron also shares his music inspirations and discusses this second passion of his life.

So you’re telling me that for $0.99, I can listen to all of Ron Artest’s music, digitally chill with Ron-Ron and even watch something called “The Ron Artest Show?” This may very well be the best idea to have ever stimulated someone’s brain.

Think about it, guys — Ron Artest in your pocket, being all Ron Artest-y. This should make Gizmodo’s best iPhone apps of the week in no time.

“Let’s do it,” indeed.

(via Los Angeles Times)