The Basketball Jones is getting you caught up on all 30 NBA teams before the season starts October 26. Up next, Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard’s least favorite NBA franchise, the Memphis Grizzlies. (Too much?)

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  1. Great preview. Gay and especially Mayo are incredibly overrated. Memphis’ bench sucks, Conley is boring, and Z-Bo is a Charlie Kelly-level wild card. Gasol is the only thing I disagree on, and I think he could be the reason they finish better than last season. He missed 13 games last year — games in which the Grizz had to start Hasheem Thabeet. If he stays healthy, it’s plausible they could match or better their record from last season.

  2. The Grizzlies will win around 50 games this year and scrape into the playoffs, but what do I know I am just AWESOME!

  3. Yay! Another typical opinion from someone who probably has never watched a Grizz game before. To say that Mayo/Gay did not improve last season, you clearly could not have watched the team…when you add a guy who’s a 21 points 12 rebounds a night guy..some guys’ stats will take a hit. If you’re saying they didn’t improve based on their stats (which you clearly are) you’re a retard. Can’t wait to see how they do so the haters can be right back on the Grizz bandwagon just like last season before Gasol went down.

  4. I don’t think Rudy Gay has any desire to improve. Admittedly, I only watched the Grizz when they played the Celtics, so I’m not in a great position to comment. But, UCONN is my college team, and I watched about 70% of Gay’s college games (minus UCONN early schedule against other connecticut schools like Yale and Quinnipiac).

    Gay literally never improved in college. I can remember being so upset watching them go down in flames against George Mason and having this moment of realization that I had pumped Rudy up in my head so much, but he had not gotten any better and he never seemed to give a shit.

    Maybe he was just waiting until he got to the NBA. But, he seemed like he had no heart in college. That was the most unlikeable UCONN squad ever. They were my team, and I still felt like they deserved to lose.

  5. You guys need to watch the Griz this season. The “young” core is showing signs of being better (Conley is really stepped up in camp and preseason). Yeah, it is preseason… But still, 7-0 is still impressive. I expect at least 45 wins with a strengthened bench, improved defense, and better chemistry.

  6. @ Nick L…

    Are u really gonna base someone’s desire to improve on their college career? Do I even have to list NBA players who were far worst than Gay in college that have blossomed in the NBA?

  7. every nba player says “you know” its not just the grizzlies. i noticed it a few years ago with the bulls. Kirk Hinrick is notorious for that. Rose says it a bunch too, and ive been trying to pay attention to other teams too. at least its better than “ball” or “say queens bridge” ok its not better, those are far better.

  8. No question NBA is a whole different game. That’s why I said I wasn’t in a great position to comment.

    But, for the record, it seems like you’re saying there are guys who weren’t as good as him in college who have now blossomed in the NBA. That sort of goes against what I was saying, but also goes with it. Those guys may have more of a desire to improve. I NEVER thought Gay lacked for talent in college, but I felt like he turned it on and off all the time (and it seemed to be off more than on when the stakes were high). I also feel like that his game was at the same level leaving college as it had been when he entered. I’m guessing that those guys who were worse than him and have blossomed were also improving while they were in college.

  9. Villanueva was the same way, and I think that has carried over to the pros as well. Just seems like there should be more production to go with the talent.

  10. Huge Tony Allen block on Stuckey to hold the lead! Love to see TA do well in Memphis.

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