Amar’e Stoudemire, MVP?

This season’s MVP race is more up for grabs than it has been in the past three seasons. Kobe Bryant is getting older, LeBron James hurt his chances by joining up with two other All-Stars and Kevin Durant, the presumed favorite, is just 22 years old. Anybody could take home this year’s Podoloff Trophy. Well, not anybody, but there will be a bunch of candidates.

Including, according to his coach Mike D’Antoni, Amar’e Stoudemire. From the New York Daily News:

Mike D’Antoni believes that a rejuvenated Amar’e Stoudemire is poised to have an MVP-caliber season for the Knicks.

“I’m hoping he’s the MVP this year,” D’Antoni said. “That’s kind of what he should shoot for and I’m sure what he’s trying to be.”

Sure, why not? If Derrick Rose is willing to throw his own name in to the Goblet of Fire, we might as well include Amar’e Stoudemire. After all, he’s playing in a system he knows, one that will showcase his skills and he’s in the best media market in the NBA. Plus, he was one of the best players in the league down the stretch last year All signs point to him being in the running for this season’s MVP.

That being said, no one knows for sure how everything is going to work out in New York. Yeah, Amar’e's going to be great and he’ll know what he’s doing, but going from Steve Nash to Ray Felton is a pretty significant downgrade. Not to mention, there are so many new players on the Knicks that it’ll probably take some time for the team to get used to playing together. Compared to Durant hooping with the same team he did last year, and Amar’e's going to be at a bit of a disadvantage.

But hey, preseason is a time for optimism. So yeah, Amar’e Stoudemire as MVP could make some sense, at least until the season starts. Then, when the Knicks are hovering around .500, maybe we can talk about how unlikely this really is.

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  1. I could easily see Amar’e threatening 30 ppg this season and being in the mix for a scoring title. But MVP? No chance!

  2. I think we can assume he won’t put up better numbers than lebron or durant, so why would he be a candidate when the knicks will most likely not do as well as the thunder or heat. He may end up deserving some votes, but the MVP is a 2 horse race between lebron and durant.

  3. Kindly put me down for a “Dwight Howard, MVP” vote. Cheers.

  4. If D’Antoni isn’t able to fix the offense and Amar’e/Felton keep playing 2 on 5 like they did all Pre-Season, the big guy will certainly give Durant a run for his money regarding the scoring title.
    Career year? Good bet. Team MVP? Most certainly. League MVP? Not so much.

    The way Amar’e puts up his biggest numbers isn’t necessarily the way New York will make the playoffs. Knicks are in dire need of more balance. But you know, it’s Pre-Season, so… whatever.

  5. Most Violated Patella?

  6. “I’m hoping he’s the MVP this year,”

    I like the way he put that.. The lifespan of an NBA coach is roughly that of a fruit fly, and D’Antoni currently has the 14th longest tenure of any coach in the league with really nothing significant to show for it.

    So yeah, I’ll bet he’s hoping for an MVP season from Amar’e, because if the Knicks don’t see major improvement this year, D’Antoni’s days are numbered in New York.

  7. Brian Cardinal could surprise…

  8. as of now the knicks are 14-9 and won 11 of 12..

    amar’e is averaging 25.7 points, 9.1 rebounds, 1.9 blocks, and has SIX games with 30+ points.

    MVP-like to me.

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