There are a lot of things we can learn about Joakim Noah from this very matter-of-fact interview with ESPN Magazine. For instance:

  • We were in his house, right then.
  • He has two fish — Joe and Domino.
  • Either he is a fan of the Doors, or he has a very strong grasp on the concept of irony.
  • He’s the kind of guy who would buy a small picture of a chimpanzee at Venice Beach.
  • Coconut water cures his hangovers.
  • If he drinks an Igniter Shot from NO-Xplode before a workout, he will run through a wall.
  • He built a home gym and then filled it with energy so that he can lift heavy weights.
  • Rather than buying his friends jewelry, he takes them to Maui and waterfalls.
  • If his neighborhood would let him, he’d paint his house a funky red because the gray is too dull.
  • And one more thing…

  • He’s a big-time supporter of hemp, though we pretty much knew that already.

(via Blog-a-Bull, by way of Foul Balls)