This is a good tiny Chris Andersen.

This is a better tiny Chris Andersen.

If you’re going to do something, do it right. Ain’t no half-steppin’.

(via F&R)

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  1. The kid’s mom is pretty hot… even though she is wearing a Nuggs jersey.

  2. I saw these fools across the way from me at the game last night. So glad the Blazers won.

  3. photoshop a brown paper “huffing” bag in the dad’s hand as well

  4. The father is obviously a hard-ass gangster because he’s wearing nuggets gear and a chain in Portland.

  5. The capacity crowd seem to be enjoying it.

  6. I’m pretty disappointed to see that the whole Jones is still having free week-ends despite the 8 people team…

    Couldn’t Trey Kirby or Holly MacKenzie or Scott Carefoot take a day off during the week?

  7. Good lord, that’s none other than Steve Blake holding that kid!

  8. Yikes. That’s actually seriously creepy.

  9. THATS MY BABY BIRDMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. thats my hommies kid A.T is a g-man

  11. [...] ears.Not to mention, we’ve reached the point in Chris Andersen’s career where there are multiple children Mohawking their hair just to look like him. It’s a scary world we live in, like when Marty [...]

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