And here I was thinking we were random

Boston Celtics big man Shaquille O’Neal sent a tweet to his some three million followers Thursday afternoon that he was headed to Harvard Square in Massachusetts to pose silently for photographs.

After a quick bite, that’s exactly what he did.

For more than an hour, the 38-year-old NBA veteran posed as a statue while dozens of curious onlookers took pictures. He didn’t speak. He barely smiled. He just sat there.

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Why? Well, he had his asinine reasons.

“The idea of the Shaq statue originated from watching TV one day,” Shaq told ESPN. “I was watching the royal British guards. If you know anything about those guys they have tremendous discipline. The other idea is I always wanted to tell people I went to Harvard.”


The only thing missing was a lil’ Nate Robinson perched up on Shaq’s shoulder like a pigeon.

Kevin Garnett knows what I’m talking about …

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  1. Shaq also giving a little preview of his screen-roll defense this year…

  2. Kibbitz FOR THE WIN

  3. i hate when people say things like what i’m about to but it’s gotta be said:

    Isn’t this a little sad, that he’s at the point that he feels he needs the attention so badly he just goes and sits down and becomes sort of a freakshow?

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