The Basketball Jones is getting you caught up on all 30 NBA teams before the season starts October 26. Up next, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s favorite NBA franchise, the Houston Rockets. Blast off, yo.

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  1. It’s either this or the Bobcats for weirdest Mystery Chest. No doubt.

  2. Ah, finally y’all have started your southwest conference previews. I think that the Rockets will be somewhere around 45 wins. I can see 48 though…if they stay healthy. Any word on Dampier possibly joining the team still? That front seems to have gone cold. Scola could prove to be a dominant force this year and by that I mean get national attention not just from basketball heads like us.

    I eagerly await the Mavericks preview.

  3. hi, can we have the Yao Ming Kitty Socks You Tube link? lol

  4. I feel like the rockets are going to take a lot of teams by surprise.

    Their backcourt is one of the best offensive backcourts in the league and is good for about 45 points if Martin is healthy. Brooks has improved and is in his contract year. He is just getting better.

    Their backup backcourt is also one of the best in the league with Kyle Lowry who is great defensively and at pushing the tempo and Courtney Lee who started as a rookie for a championship finalist team.

    With Yao they have hight as well.

    I actually agree with Charley Rosen’s prediction and think that the Rockets could be the Lakers biggest threat in the West as long as Yao is healthy for the playoffs.

  5. The rockets won 42 games with midseason trades and 0 centers. Half a Yao, Brad Miller and time to get adjusted to each other is easily worth 8 games imo

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