Tired of all these feel-good, happy-time posts? Ready for something to totally bum you out all weekend? Try this on for size.

Yesterday, David Stern — on behalf of the NBA’s owners — informed everyone that the NBA would be seeking a $750 to $800 million reduction in total salaries around the league, just about 33 percent across the board. Or, even better, a couple of teams could be contracted. Super fun stuff, really.

But here’s the real cool part — NBA players union head honcho Billy Hunter had a chance to respond and he took it. From the Associated Press:

“The position expressed by the NBA today is regretful, since in February 2010, the players unequivocally rejected the owners’ proposal which called for a hard cap, a 40 percent rollback in player salaries, unlimited expense deductions and the elimination of guaranteed contracts,” Hunter said in a statement.

“The players and the union would prefer to work towards attaining a fair deal that addresses concerns raised by both sides and improves the game. But, if the owners maintain their position it will inevitably result in a lockout and the cancellation of part or all of the 2011-2012 season. The players and union will prepare accordingly.”

You guys didn’t really like the NBA, right? Good, because things are getting heated in this whole Collective Bargaining Agreement dispute and the head of the players is opening talking about canceling all or part of next season. Even if all this talk is really just bluster, it’s still awesome to hear that there might not be any NBA basketball a year from now. Really fun times.

On the bright side, if games are canceled, you’ll have a lot more time to finish that mockumentary about your men’s basketball league that you started writing with your friends. Gotta keep that glass half-full, you guys.

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  2. Nice article Trey. I think the players have a right to complain. how would you feel if your boss cut your salary by 40%? of course, not all of us have seven figure incomes. I can see both sides of the issue. but please…PLEASE do not go on strike. it is killing me to wait for the season to begin and it is only a week away. if this happens I may have to resort to something drastic, like watching football.

  3. If my boss was losing $400m a year, I might entertain the idea of a salary cut, to be honest.

    I wish the NBA would completely open their books – right now we just don’t know who’s telling the truth and to what degree. The players are going to have to accept *some* salary cuts – the league simply can’t survive if it costs owners money to run teams – so it’s all a matter of horse trading.

    Could be worse – in the NFL the owners are threatening a lockout despite making huge bucketloads of cash.

  4. @HughBalls: Again…Doubt it. (doubt your post, doubt your screen name)

  5. i’d love to see NON-guaranteed contracts and a hard cap. guaranteed contracts have absolutely ruined MLB and the NBA. guys get fat deals then coast. it’s screwed up so many teams. you don’t produce? you shouldn’t get paid. the NFL has it absolutely right with the exception of rookie contracts but they’re going to fix that soon enough.

  6. Yup. CBA is a mess. Stern strikes back. http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com/2010/10/22/sterns-empire-strikes-back/ I’m waiting for the lightsaber battle between Stern and Hunter where Stern tells him: “Billy, I AM the commissioner.” We all know that would be awesome.

  7. Oh boo hoo! Go cry on your $5000 linen. You’ll have to move out of your $15 mil mansion and into a $10 mil mansion. Maybe instead of driving 3 different mercedes, you’ll only have 2. If the NBA is being honest then these players are going to HAVE to accept a salary cut. It’s not like they’re making pennies.

    @thwipp89 I totally agree. Non-guaranteed contracts are a must. I don’t see why players would argue that. If you’re not getting the job done then what’s the justification in making all the dough?

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