That’s Nike’s new LeBron James ad called “Rise,” and I hope you enjoyed it because it is an excellent, excellent commercial. It’s made by Wieden & Kennedy, so it’s no surprise that it is extremely well-made, interesting and witty. It’s also pretty unsettling to see LeBron back in those situations voluntarily.

Whether it be on the set of “The Decision,” driving the streets of Cleveland while his enormous banner comes down or dressed as desperado/rapper Jim West, seeing him back at the scene of the crime is kind of jaw-dropping. Obviously that’s the point — and it’s kind of amazing to see LeBron addressing all this stuff head on — and I’d say W+K nailed it, as per usual. Seeing this late at night, during a West coast game when you don’t expect it, is going to be a trip.

Not to mention, the advertising legends convinced Don Johnson to dust off the pastels, which is always a sound marketing strategy. Between that and the Charles Barkley spoof, this is the hardest I’ve laughed at LeBron on purpose in a while.