Look guys, I think LeBron James is as insufferable anybody. He’s full of himself. He doesn’t understand how what he says and does affects how people think of him. “The Decision” was a huge error and something that he’ll be ridiculed for for a long, long time. All of that is valid to me. LeBron James, in the grand scheme of the NBA, is kind of wackadoodle.

But at the same time, I kind of feel like people are too hard on him. He’s a generally likable dude, and he’s amazing at basketball. Yeah, he’s full of himself, but who wouldn’t be if they’d been told they were the greataest since they were 14? Sure, he ditched the Cavs, but it’s hard to argue with a 25-year-old who wants to go to Miami to play basketball with his friends. He’s made some PR mistakes, no doubt about it, but when you consider his life up until this point, they’re understandable and will be forgiven in time.

Then again, this happened.

The day after the New York Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs, Alex Rodriguez partied at a Miami nightclub with someone who is no stranger to playoff failure … LeBron James.

The two kicked it at the grand opening of the Arkadia at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Saturday night to attend Drake’s 24th birthday party.

Killer zing, TMZ. Well done, you scandalous rabble rousers.

If ever there were two people on Earth made to hang out with LeBron James, it’s Alex Rodriguez and Drake. It’s like they formed their own Miami Heat super threesome, but rather than being awesome at basketball, they’re awesome at being annoying. All you “Degrassi” fans out there might not want to hear it, but it is true.

Of course, to paraphrase Rachel McAdams in “Wedding Crashers,” we’re all looking for the soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another. Lucky for LeBron, he found that.


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