It was easy to miss that Paul Pierce’s knee was hurting pretty bad last season. Between his slovenly “physique” and patchy “beard,” thinking that Pierce was just getting old and slowing down was an easy mistake to make. The guy didn’t look like he was in NBA shape, so assuming he wasn’t was an easy conclusion to jump to.

However, if we’d have been in the Celtics’ locker room, we’d have really known what was going on because we’d have got an eyeful of Pierce’s knee troubles. Literally, maybe.

From ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan:

The first sign of trouble was a sore knee that wouldn’t respond to treatment and forced Pierce to undergo “minor” surgery last Dec. 23 to clean out an infection. Doctors warned him that fluid would build up in the repaired knee, but Pierce wasn’t expecting to have it drained nearly every week. Sometimes, Pierce said, the knee would “pop open,” squirting foul liquid across the locker room.

“If you are interested, I have the video to prove it,” he said.

It happened moments before the Celtics took the court for a Jan. 29 game at Atlanta, and, to the horror of his teammates, Pierce cleaned himself (and his uniform) up to the best of his ability, then went out and dropped 35 points on the Hawks in a team-high 37 minutes.

OK, that is basically the grossest thing I can imagine in the realm of knees. Shaun Livingston’s injury was horrific, as was Napoleon Kaufman’s backwards knee. But those are things that I can understand because I know how legs work. A knee wound that just randomly pops open and shoots bodily fluid all over the place is something from a gross-out horror movie, and it is sick and disgusting and gross and I would probably watch Pierce’s video because it’d be incredible to see that actually happen.

And seriously, props to Paul Pierce. Scoring 35 on a decent defensive team during a meaningless January game after having your knee literally shoot out liquid on to your clothes is unbelievable.

Also, very gross.

(via Celtics Hub)

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  1. This guy is one of the toughest dudes in the NBA. Physically, he’s played through a lot (missing far less time than you’d expect for a stabbing that nearly killed him, finishing a game with teeth knocked out then having his mouth operated on all the next day and then dominating the game the next night, and now this). Mentally, he’s been the man in crunch time, even in his younger and less mature years.

    Definitely one of the league’s finest citizens.

  2. Paul PIERCE is one of the toughest guys in the NBA? Are we talking about the same Paul Pierce? The guy who cried over a dislocated finger (Look it up on YouTube) and makes a Greek Opera out of every minor injury suffered on the court?

    LOL. No way.

  3. I know a lot of people think it’s absurd but I stick to it. Go stab a different player 11 times in the back and chest, and tell them they’ll be expected to suit up in two weeks and not miss a preseason game (or regular season, for that matter). Not to mention the mental toughness in crunch time.

    Strong men also cry……STRONG MEN ALSO CRY

  4. So is there some kind of permanent drainage ditch in the knee or does the flesh just spontaneously open up and spew?

  5. pics (or video) or it did not happen. need to see it to believe it, man. :|

  6. He was getting it drained every week, so I think there was an escape route…I don’t think it was bursting through his skin.

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