The Basketball Jones is getting you caught up on all 30 NBA teams before the season starts October 26. Sorry, excuse me. The Basketball Jones just DID get you caught up on all 30 teams. That’s right, this is our final mini-preview, the Dallas Mavericks. We hope you’ve enjoyed ‘em. Now let’s start this damn season already!

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  1. Year in and year out Mavericks can be penciled in for 50+ wins. Outside of that it’s all about matchups for them once in the playoffs.

  2. These have been a nice appetizer, but I can’t wait to dig in to the real thing tomorrow.

  3. Carlisle is crafty and probably learned a lesson in the playoffs concerning Roddy B. Beaubois is slated be be a starter when he returns from healing his broken foot so the minutes will be there for him this season. Jones will likely compete with Terry for minutes off the bench but where he will fit into the rotation has yet to be determined on a team with what will be a deep rotation. Jones has shown a knack for defending so that should get him some added time. This team should win 53 or more games. Yes, last season they did not have the largest win margin average but they did lead the league in wins by five or fewer points by a mile. Winning the close ones count. The Mavs should contend for the second spot in the west if not the first. (contending for the first spot is contingent on Lakers’ injuries and being old themselves)

  4. If you add all of the TBJ predictions, there are a total of 1262 wins and 1262 losses, which is a little weird since there will only be 1230 games this season. It’s obviously a pain to tally everything so that it adds up correctly, but it takes a little credibility away from predictions when they literally cannot come true.

  5. First of all, I had to wait through all other 29 teams for you to get to my Mavs. Finally!

    I agree with Tas generally–Carlisle is one of those Larry Brown-style coaches who dislikes younger players and refuses to use them, even when it’s painfully obvious that it’s hurting his team. We saw it last year with Beaubois (even to the extreme of Carlisle sacrificing Game 6 of the Spurs series just to prove the point that he was the the coach, dammit, and he was going to play who he wanted to, no matter what the action on the court dictated). He’ll stay with Barea, ignore Beaubois and Jones, and the Mavs will suffer for it, especially in the playoffs where those guys’ lack of experience will really come into play. At least, that’s what I expect him to do. Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong. (Not that any of it really matters, barring an injury to Kobe or Pau.)

  6. Mavs fans, I have Shawn Marion on my fantasy team (on the bench). Should I keep him, or is he not worth having because of Butler? I know he’s coming off the bench, but I figured he might be good for stats.

  7. Marion isn’t going to stuff boxscores like he used to. He’s still a great player to have on the court and will probably get 30+ minutes a night, but with Dallas he’s rarely higher than the 4th offensive option.

    His main job duties for the Mavs are defense and easy buckets via transition, offensive rebounds, and off-the-ball movement. He’ll be playing the 4 when Dirk is on the bench and backing up/splitting time with Butler at the 3. In the Mavs system he almost never takes threes like he did with the Suns, but he will spend a lot of time guarding the opposing team’s best perimeter scorer (a duty at which he is better than both Butler and his predecessor Josh Howard).

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