The Cleveland Cavaliers are starting over. New uniforms, new coach, new floor at the Quicken Loans Arena and, oh yeah, no LeBron James. And since there’s no LeBron James, that means there’s no giant LeBron James banner in downtown Cleveland. And since there’s no giant LeBron James banner in downtown Cleveland, that means someone has to step in and fill the oh-so-important gigantic advertisement void left in Ohio’s second largest city.

Enter Sherwin-Williams, who was not drafted No. 5 by the Atlanta Hawks in 2006 no matter how similar the names sound. The Cleveland-based, world-famous paint manufacturer has that space covered. Literally. That’s a little paint humor for you, and here are the details, courtesy of WTAM:

“Witness” is gone. Today is about “Pride.”

All day today, Sherwin-Williams will be putting up a new banner to replace the LeBron James “Witness” banner that used to be across from Quicken Loans Arena.

Sherwin-Williams is headquartered in Cleveland and the billboard features a black and white photograph of the Cleveland skyline, and reads, “Our Home Since 1866. Our Pride Forever.”

The billboard is 10-stories and weighs 1.3-tons. The billboard will take 12 hours to install.

That’s a serious billboard, you guys. In fact, according to WTAM, it is one of the top five largest vinyl-mesh wall banners in the United States, so that’s saying something. It’s 10 stories tall and made from 25,000 feet of vinyl, which would make for a very effective tarp. The banner took 33 hours to print, and I’m guessing required a few trips to Wal-Mart for new ink cartridges. Those always seem to run out at the most inopportune times.

[Bonus: Time lapse video of the creation of the new billboard]

So yeah, LeBron is gone, the Cavaliers are going to be bad and Dan Gilbert is still in love with Comic Sans. But all is not lost — Cleveland is still one of the premier enormous vinyl banner hot spots in all of the United States. That’s better than nothing.

Now, the only real question is what happened to the old “We Are All Witnesses” banner? eBay?