Ep. 594: Once Again, Tip

Welcome back, sweet basketball world! On today’s show, Skeets and Tas preview the most anticipated NBA season in recent years by telling you which teams will surprise, which will disappoint and which will leave you scratching your head. All that, plus “controversial” Steve Nash comments, a terrifyingly improved Derrick Rose, and a new TBJ Book Off contest. (Seriously, don’t listen to Tas — join the B-Ball Picks contest.)

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Comments (42)

  1. Glad I’m not the only one backing the Jazz. BTW, Wayne Rooney’s face on the wall scared me, can you put a picture of Shrek on his face?

  2. Yessssss NBA! TBJ! Ole!

    Lock………… Dallas Mavericks Over 49,5 EASY!

  3. Today is a good day… Happy that basketball is finally here! I was being way too productive as of late lol. The only thing that would make today even better I’d be if the heat lose their first game :) one of the few times a year I’ll be rooting for the celtics, just wish u cacksuukhas had a healthy Perkins.

  4. Nice little touches on the production this year (like the TBJ that flashed before the picture of Chris Paul). So glad to have TBJ back in action!

    Is it too early in the comments thread to take the Heat as the under pick? Not because they aren’t great (because they will be), but because getting that many wins / staying healthy makes the under a safer bet? (Being fair, I can’t look up the Vegas line at work, so Vegas might have it obscenely low).

    I’m with Skeets and Dennis on the Jazz too, barring that Melo-to-Jersey three way that had AK47 getting packaged being revived from the dead.

  5. A few thoughts:

    - Great to have you guys back! It was about that time.
    - Nash can say “we might not make the playoffs” because it’s true. Kobe/Lebron can’t say it because it would be a blatant understatement.
    - What’s the name of the song/artist playing during the break?
    - A big fat “boo” to international fans not being eligible to win prizes.

  6. Pumped TBJ daily show, aka The Fix, is back. Quick question about the B-Ball Picks contest. If we join the TBJ group, are we still eligible for The Score’s overall contest as well or is that somehow separate?

  7. Things are right with the world again when I can watch this during my lunch break.

    Aaaahhhh. I love the NBA season.

  8. @Dennis- Rooney will be covered up soon.

    @JJohnson- If you join the TBJ group you are still eligible for the overall contest.

  9. i can not possibly explain my excitedness for this season of NBA and TBJ

  10. Yes! The TBJ is back!

    Since you’ve made it to the big time, are you forbidden to cuss on the Daily Fix? Just wonderin’.

    “Same old prick” – Tas Melas on Skeets

    Gotta Love The Jones

  11. Goddamn it’s good to have The Jones back in my life.

    I love both the surprise picks and Skeets’ call on the Hornets, because I definitely feel the same way.

  12. Skeets was very tender while caressing that dock….

  13. Welcome back, guys. Way to sell that product! lol

    Also, definitely agree with Skeets about the Kings. Pumped to see them when they come to town (Wall vs. Tyreke should be epic).

    /shaking fist at Tas’s Cavs prediction. again.

  14. Hot damn it’s good to have yall back. Skeets, love the enthusiasm on the Spurs and I’ve gotta agree. Parker in a contract year, the addition of Splitter down low and a new sniper in Anderson will all make things better in SA. Plus, the growing DeJuan Bear problem.

    My lock under would’ve been the Cavs, but Detroit also works for an under, especially with Jerebko hurt now. Great stuff gents. Glad you are back. BASKETBALLLLLLLLLLLLL WOOOOOOO

  15. Are internationals eligible for the weekly swag?

  16. wow I am really sold on this contest, everything seems so simple and easy to understand ;)

  17. Thank Christ it’s back.

    And Moses. And Buddha. And Zorro, too.

  18. So good to have you back… let the games begin….

  19. Glad you guys are back!

    One problem with your contest though. Why is Florida not selectable as a state to register?!

  20. Man, what a rush. That was awesome.

    If the finals end on a Thursday night, will you guys do a daily fix show the next day even though it’s Friday? I feel like an audio-only show is not a satsifying wrap up to the season.

  21. Also, you should be getting whatever funding “the footy show” is getting. That sounds like a waste of a show to me.

  22. @Nick L. – Relax, my friend. We wouldn’t leave you hanging like that.

  23. @Mart J- Internationals are eligible for the weekly TBJ prize but not the weekly Speaker/iPod prize. Sorry.

    @Andrew G- You can’t register from Florida cause you guys have weird legal rules. Pretend you’re from somewhere else and join the TBJ group. You’ll still be eligible for the TBJ weekly prizes.

  24. Hey, great to have you guys back. Quick question about the B-Ball picks, are we simply picking the winners? Or are we picking the winners based on the betting lines?

  25. I love that the TBJ is back! Was a little confused when I saw “The Footy Show” plastered on the side of your set after the break haha. Would also love to get the picture of that Nash picture! Cracked me up each time it came on my screen!

    Cant wait for this season to get started!

  26. Nice to see you guys got Hedo back for a 5th season.

  27. 1. kobe chirped his team similarly when they had nobody around him a few years ago, and didn’t take an extraordinary amount of guff for it.
    2. nash didn’t say “we suck” in as many words. he said it was understandable for someone, noting that they lost amare, to have them out of the playoffs. the rest of that quote has him affirming his belief in the team and how they will make the playoffs.

  28. The Cavs are going to surprise people this year. I see them at around 30-35 wins.

  29. The lock for over/under this season absolutely has to be under on the Heat’s 64.5, they will be chasing the high 50s.

    it is bugging me

  31. Great stuff – you’re back!
    No Hedo dancing for the first show?!
    Our first game in the UK is Thunder Bulls Thurs, cant wait.

    As for Rooney, he’s been a nightmare over here too. Clear him out! Replace him with a picture of George Muresan, much more eye-catching.

  32. i honestly would prefer a TBJ t-shirt than that speaker

  33. booyah!

    i know nothing of these things…but do you need the jones interstitial/graphic both before and after showing the inline images? seemed a bit superfluous and jarring…

  34. I was just thinking Covers.com today, now you lay this juggernaut on me! TBJ FTW! Where do you guys get the money for prizes if registration is free O_o

  35. Did you guys fork out some coin for covering that table cause you’re constantly hitting it all the time? Or was that “The Footy Show”.
    Cause if so, money well spent.

    No one wants to watch The Wizards/Bullets for the possible repeat of fingergunsgate?
    Or at least Gilbert Arena’s latest Joaquin Phoenix impersonation?
    You almost mentioned Wall I noticed.

  36. Can somebody please state the name of the song that was played during the break? Please!

  37. Hey Friends.

    The songs during the break were “White Like Lies” by the Meligrove Band – http://www.meligroveband.com/

    and “New New Hotness” by V!RTU – http://www.myspace.com/virtu01

  38. JD, thanks a lot!

    The song by V!RTU is the one I was looking for.

  39. Welcome back!

    A couple of things…..
    CAVS: Seriously? 12-15 wins? You’re gonna be surprised.
    NUGGETS: Have you forgotten about Harrington? If K-Mart and Birdman can be close to healthy, and if Carmelo doesn’t leave…. Nuggets will be big!

    Also, among LBJ and KD, there are others who could be MVP. I know Roy want it, but I’d rather say that Rose, as you said, is CLOSE to be MVP this year. CAN’T WAIT.

    And yeah, if possible, I’d love to see song credits at the end of the show, like you did a while back.

  40. you on point, phife?

  41. Golden State = Must see.

    I caught a couple pre-season games and Ellis & Lee look pretty solid.

  42. what is the song at the very beginning?

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