The Los Angeles Lakers have won like a billion NBA titles — well, 16 actually, second only to the Boston Celtics’ 17 championships — and when you win that many, something needs to be done to keep the ring ceremonies exciting. You can’t just trot out the players to accept their gaudy jewelry and expect the Staples Center crowd to stay entertained. But since they’re pros at celebrating the Larry O’Brien trophy, the Lakers have a couple things planned for tonight’s opening game matchup with the Houston Rockets.

First are those snazzy looking warmup tops you see above. On the back, they depict the franchise’s 16 banners, even the one from Minneapolis when the team wore blue. It’s a nice touch.

If you’re a big-time Lakers backer and don’t mind having a possibly outdated jacket in a year, you can pick one of these bad boys up for $125 at the NBA Store. There’s also a purple version and a shooting shirt that will turn everyone in to Pau Gasol (photos after the jump). They did this last year too, so I guess it’s a tradition now.

The second thing the team is doing tonight has the potential for some serious hilarity. As Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register reported, Phil Jackson will receive his ring then speak about the first player to get their ring. Then, it gets good.

After that player receives their jewelry, they get to talk about the next player and so on and so forth. That means you’re going to see Ron Artest talking about somebody and it’s going to be awesome. Must see TV and definitely blog-worthy, I’m sure.

Sounds like it’s going to be a pretty cool ceremony, especially if you’re a Lakers fan. You know what they say — the 16th time’s a charm.

(via Uni Watch)