The intertwining of basketball and hip-hop has become so commonplace that even mentioning it kind of seems silly. When rappers are releasing mixtapes named after LeBron James and Kevin Durant is appearing on Wale songs, you know these things are pretty much as married as married can get. Nonetheless, sometimes this combination can still produce some pretty rad things. Killer word choice, I know, but I’m not really sure what to call the NBA’s newest project.

Well, I suppose “art exhibit” would be fitting, but when it’s backboards and basketballs painted by notable graffiti artists, that term seems kind of stodgy. Nonetheless, that’s what it is. Starting Dec. 2 at Art Basel Miami, a series of 180 backboards and 180 balls will be sold at “the most important art fair and cultural happening held annually in the United States” with part of the proceeds going to NBA Cares. Seems like a relevant art fair and cultural happening, so it’s pretty chill that the NBA is involved.

You can check out the Art of Basketball website to see a bunch of the artwork that will be sold. If you’re in to street art, this will be right in your wheelhouse since these pieces look amazing. There’s no word yet on pricing, but considering the size and names behind these, I’m sure they’ll cost a pretty penny. Nonetheless, it’s probably worth it to hang above your mantle. Sure, the mounting will be tough to figure it out, but I’m sure you can do it.

A few of my favs after the jump.

(via Animal)

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  1. That first favorite reminds me of my namesake (not RMJ=H, obviously). The guy my parents named me after is in the back left.

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