Apparently it’s “roll out the new Heat commercials time” — aww yeah, Heat commercials, yeah — at Nike because they just released Dwyane Wade’s first spot for Jordan Brand today. It comes on the heels of LeBron James’ “Rise,” and just like “The Decision” outshined Wade’s joint announcement with Chris Bosh, I’d imagine this isn’t going to be as big of a deal as LeBron’s commercial.

It’s a good ad, playing off the athlete-as-superhero meme that’s been a Nike hallmark for years. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel it’s just the first in a season-long campaign where Wade will be playing “Agent D3.” Pretty standard fare, really, unlike LeBron’s ad where he was addressing each and every concern people have had about him since July 8.

Of course, there aren’t quite as many questions facing the Artist Formerly Sometimes Known as Flash. Mostly, it’s just a case of him trying to bring a title back to Miami, which is what this ad is concerned with. It’s fun and I’d imagine future installments are going to improve on this concept, but it’s something we’ve seen before. That’s not bad by any means, but it makes for a commercial a bit less interesting.

Then again, the character he’s playing is eerily reminiscent of Batman, what with the fancy toys and the flying around. And if he’s Batman … well, you can fill in the rest.