Ep. 595: Lukewarm Debut

“Hello, everyone.”

On today’s super-extended-awesome show, Skeets and Tas tell you everything you need to know about opening night in the NBA. Why did LeBron and Co. crap the bed? Are the Rockets a top four seed in the West? How scary are the Lakers with their new and improved bench? All that, plus ring ceremony MVP, support for the Wes Matthews Soccer Mom Bandwagon, and how Paul Pierce’s D is similar to Paris Hilton.

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Comments (35)

  1. So glad this show is back!

  2. Yao daps all around, guys.

  3. show was epic haha, tomatoes lolz.

  4. You guys are on point this year, as usual – do you guys find any disadvantages by being big-time on the score?

  5. I thought they only had “pussy passes” in South Beach.

  6. Miami won’t find their offense until Spoelstra is out of the big chair. Look at last year’s Heat. Its the same sets as last year, but it won’t work with 3 people expecting to dominate the ball. The standing around is because that’s the offense- iso, iso, iso, then iso again.

  7. crap the bed crap the bed

  8. Another moment of the Lakers ring ceremony – Shannon Brown introducing Derek Fisher. “They call him El Presidente…The President.” Thanks, Shannon. Missed that one.

  9. tried to sign up for bball picks. apparently, you guys don’t consider New York a state – no such option in the drop down menu.

  10. Yes! Cussing is still in on The Jones! Justin Bieber, I will fuck you up! The Paris joke was gold too.

    Did anyone notice that Ron Ron introduced the wrong banner? He said it’s the championship banner for the 2010-2011 season. Maybe that will curse the Lakers season better than a witch doctor from Ohio.

    Do you guys know if the rules for hanging on the rim have changed this season? It doesn’t seem like they’re calling it as strict as a year ago. Shaq did it last night, John Wall did it in the preseason.. and no calls. Are the refs letting it slide cuz of the new rules for techs about complaining?

  11. @Shawn.

    We do consider New York a state. David A. Paterson hates contests.

  12. @prodigal_punk: that’s exactly what i was thinking, watching the game last night i found myself thinking that for a team that is expected to be very dynamic i sure found them to be very predictable. every time one of the new big got the ball it felt as if they were taking turns and saying “ok, looks like it’s time for my iso now”.

    it’s funny how people are overreacting all over the place just because they lost, i expect them to thoroughly destroy the 76ers today. with that said tho it was very satisfying to see them lose last night, and the crowd chanting “overrated!” was the icing on the cake lol

  13. Awesome move adding the song & artist in the corners during the transition slides.

  14. 11:56 – Melas says he would whip a black kid…..not cool man.

  15. Epic night of hoops the day before = epic TBJ the next day. And Skeets would totally destroy Bieber on the court.

    Even though they lost, the Rockets backcourt is going to be one of the more fun ones to watch in the league this season.

  16. So glad the Jones is back! Keep up the good work guys, loving it!

  17. Hilarious episode. Glad to have you guys back.

  18. Whats that songs at the very beginning of the show it sounds awesome, o yea great show by the way

  19. Why do I have to wait until Thursday to see the Magic debut? ANSWER ME THAT, HOOPS FANS.

  20. D-Fisher is the president of the player’s assoc. (so when the lock out happen, don’t forget to yell at him).

    Great show guys, loved it. Tomorrow’s is going to be great when Fesenko is your “whooah-boy”. book it.

  21. good show

    nice touch with the song/artists titles now

  22. Hey guys,

    I’m friends with Rich Girls, they appreciate the music drop!

  23. I gotta say, as a Celtics fan I’m pretty pumped about all these shots of Bieber courtside in lakers gear/rings. He makes McLovin look like a goddamn savage. I’d like to think that if he tried to sit courtside at the Garden wearing a Cs championship ring, KG would cover him in sheep’s blood and sacrifice him.

    I’m glad you guys are holding the Heat accountable (at least moreso than most of the mainstream media). I don’t understand all the exscuses people are making for them. Sure, Wade missed preseason games. Yes, it was their first real game playing together. That doesn’t pardon that pitiful offense. That is the kind of offense you run when you’ve got one stud and a bunch of stiffs. They’ve had time to get ready. What’s the problem? Was Spoelstra handed a ferrari but lacks the knowledge of how to drive it? They’ve had a whole preseason, and they had nothing! No motion whatsoever. I was really surprised. Even if Wade had sat out the game, I would have expected better, because you should be able to generate better offense with LeBron and Bosh.

    Once Perk and D-West are back, these Cs are going to be really tough to hang with if they can stay healthy. Nate, West, Baby, Shaq, Jermaine, Marquis, and then you’ve got Erden. Plus, Bradley (in the limited minutes we saw) can stay in front of anyone on defense. Really quick.

  24. Word up Nick L.

  25. @Nick L “Sure, Wade missed preseason games. Yes, it was their first real game playing together. That doesn’t pardon that pitiful offense.”

    yea it does. No excuse, but anyone who expected brilliance, continuity, and teamwork from these guys – each of whom established their individual games as #1 options for their respective teams – is sort of an idiot.

    I’m no Heat fan, I was Nelson-laughing all night last night. But really…did anyone really expect otherwise?

  26. I’m not saying I was expecting brilliance. I was expecting they’d be a long way off. But, as our worldly hosts said, there was a lot of basic stuff that just wasn’t happening. Giving the Celtics time to set up, having guys just stand around, nothing but iso. It literally looked like they just picked each other in a pickup game. They’ve been practicing. They have coaches. They know what the Celtics do.

    Again, I expected they’d have a long way to go. But, I also thought they’d be a little further.

  27. When did JE Skeets become such a potty mouth?

  28. Nice touch with the song titles.

    “He looked solid on the bike” – T Melas.

    Can we win Charles Oakley if we pay for postage?

  29. i will contribute $5 (canadian even) to help organise the skeets/bieber 1-on-1 contest…

  30. “Beiber, I will fucking break you.”

    Excellent show today, guys.

  31. Fantastic show. BlazerNation appreciates the shout-outs. Armon Johnson will never be a household name, but he’ll be big this season.

    Wesley Matthews for 6th man of the year.

  32. The Heat played an offense you would expect to see from a team that is coached by Mike Woodson. After seeing Mike Woodson on the sideline for Miami and remembering the bland ISO Joe offense he ran in Atlanta, the heat offense made perfect sense.

  33. I wouldn’t read too much into the Heat’s poor performance. It’s just one game, as they say. But they didn’t do anything to answer questions I’ve had about how well these parts fit together. If you think about Boston’s big four, the Lakers’ big four, or great teams of the past (Duncan, Ginobili, Parker; Magic, Kareem, Worthy; MJ, Pippen, Rodman), these teams have guys with different skill sets on offense and defense. Like, most of these teams have a small guy and a talented big to set screens and roll. LeBron doesn’t set screens, and that is such a golden opportunity the Heat are missing out on. House and Miller are their only catch-and-shoot guys who will stretch the D, and Miller plays Bron’s position. They have no back to the basket player. If a team were the sum of its parts, this would be a great team. But I just don’t see how LeBron, Wade and Bosh are supposed to fit together as well as the other great trios or foursomes I mentioned above. But they have all season to prove me wrong.

  34. “Hey Governor! I can’t play in the contest!”

    You could see Melas crack up as he thought of saying it, hahaha.

    Listened to this on the audio feed rather than watched it on the video. I don’t know if its recent improvements or what but the quality is much higher on the audio feed now.

    Great show, good to have you back. Even though it fucking sucks (really glad the swearings back too) the FreeDarko book isn’t out in the UK til January. ARGH.

    Also Skeets you truly did put your hometown on the map. Somebody should edit the wikipedia article to this effect.

  35. Oh, and welcome back, guys. Great show, as always.

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