I know what you’re thinking — now that Kevin Martin’s been on the Rockets for a while, what’s he doing with his homes in Sacramento? Totally a normal thing to wonder about. One of his homes, a $1.5 million mansion in Rocklin, is up for a short sale because Martin defaulted on his loan. Not a ton of fun, but if you’ve got the scrilla, that’s certainly an option.

However, his other home — a Sacramento condo that he didn’t default on — sounds like it’ll be right up your alley. I mean, just listen to his real estate agent describe it. From the Sacramento Bee:

“He’s a very motivated seller,” says listing agent Donald Stitt, adding that the NBA star – now a Houston Rocket – might well throw in some or all of the unit’s lavish contemporary furnishings if he gets an offer near the asking price. [...]

Stitt and his Coldwell Banker partner Deborah Killion began showing Martin’s eighth-floor, corner unit at 1818 L St. two weeks ago and have been getting an “electrical” response when people hear it’s owned by the popular former King.

“The fans are nuts about it,” he says. “Just being in the (unit) gives them goose bumps.”

Stitt calls it a “perfect bachelor pad for a millionaire.”

Oh, yeah. Nothing like hearing that you’re in the house of a former basketball player who shares a name with the world’s most famous curler to really get those goosebumps poppin’. That’s baller status.

But seriously — all you millionaire bachelors out there reading this blog, Kevin Martin’s got a perfect place for you. Play your cards right and you might even get some of his “contemporary furnishings,” which I assume means egg chairs and sectional couches. Plus, you’re getting a great deal since Martin bought this place for $1.3 million just two years ago. This could be a great investment. Buy low, sell high. That’s what I always say.

Just be careful when you’re walking around your new crib barefoot. Apparently, you get an “electrical” feeling when you’re in the condo. Sounds dangerous.