People are always coming up to me and asking, “Hey is George Karl a doctor?”

I’m like, “C’mon, man, be serious. George Karl is just a basketball coach.”

This happens between 12 and 40 times a day, simply because no one on the Nuggets will just come out and say definitively that George Karl isn’t a doctor. You’d think this would be an easy problem to solve, but it’s not.

So thanks, Kenyon Martin, for giving this interview to FanHouse and clearing up one of the NBA’s biggest mysteries while simultaneously warning Nuggets fans that Martin’s proposed Jan. 1 return date is just speculation.

“George is not my doctor,” Martin said in an interview with FanHouse before Denver’s opener Wednesday against Utah at the Pepsi Center. “George is not a doctor. George is a great basketball coach. George is not my doctor … The only person who knows when I’m coming back is Dr. (Richard) Steadman.”

Finally. Now we can put to rest that silly “Is George Karl a doctor or not?” argument once and for all. Stop asking, because he definitely isn’t.

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  1. Trey, I like to read your stuff (read it also on yahoo) but just try to hard to be funny at times.

  2. Unlike the previous commenters, I found this to be an acceptable piece of literature. Keep doin’ what you do Mr. Kerby.

  3. This made me lol, but what do I know? I’m not a doctor.

  4. I guess I just imagined that other negative comment…

  5. This was hilarious! Trust me…I’m a doctor.

  6. @Nathan- You have an active imagination.

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