The Utah Jazz are so bad right now that last night’s 110-94 loss to the Phoenix Suns was actually an improvement. In two games this season, the Jazz have been outscored by nearly 40 points (220-182). They’re currently the fifth worst shooting team in the NBA. They’ve given up the second highest amount of points and rebounds thus far and they’ve turned the ball over more often than any team that’s not the Celtics. They’re just about as bad as you can be two games in to the season.

That’s probably why Deron Williams is freaking out. First, he screamed at Gordon Hayward for being in the wrong place. Now, he’s giving totally dejected interviews left and right. This first excerpt is from last night, courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune:

Williams on this being the start the team expected:
No. Not at all.

Building frustration:
Yeah. It’s frustrating. It’s just different than what we’re used to. We’ve got new guys, so it’s an adjustment period for everybody.

Oklahoma City:
If we play like this against Oklahoma City we’ll lose by 50.

Ouch. He sounds like a defeated man, and that’s just two games in to the season.

He wasn’t much happier today. Check out this excerpt from after today’s practice, again from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Fixable with more practice or need to strip things down and simplify:
That’s up to coach. That’s up to him. I don’t run practices. I’m just out here to try to keep guys together. We’ve got to do something. We’ve got to get better. There’s no secret about that. What needs to be done, I don’t know.

Talking to Utah’s coaches about trying to restructure the offense:

Having the ability to do so with Sloan:

I’ve sat down with him for the past five years.

Is there a need to:
I just don’t know how much good it’s going to do.

Miles saying an 8-0 preseason was the worst thing that could happen to the team:
That’s what I kept saying. Everybody kept saying, ‘You guys are looking good.’ I’m, like, it’s preseason. Half the teams don’t play their best players. Now, you come out and guys are defending you. We’re not getting any of those same shots. We’re not screening; we’re not in the right place. We’re not running through hard — things that are going to open the game up for us.

Last time being this frustrated:
We’ve had some bad stretches since I’ve been on the team. It’s not the first time. There’s no need to panic. The only thing we can do is play harder, especially to start the games. We can play a lot harder than what we’ve been doing.

Problem is not personal relationships but on the court:
It’s just on the court. We [need to] spend some more time together. Maybe we need to watch the film. That would be nice.

Usually never get together as a team and watch game film:
No. Not really.

Something you’d like to change:
It’d be nice. That’s one thing I’ve talked about in years past.

Who you’ve talked to:
It doesn’t matter.

Man, he sounds totally bummed out, with good reason. The Jazz have looked abysmal thus far, and if Williams doesn’t have any clue how to figure out how to turn things around, that’s not good. As the team’s leader there’s a lot of pressure on him to right the ship, and if he’s this out of sorts, that could take a while.

Not to mention, as a bunch of Twitter pals were saying, this guy could really use a new haircut. Tough start all around.