Meet me at the trap, because it’s going down in Florida tonight. It’s Heat-Magic in Miami and it’s the biggest thing to hit South Beach since Snooki and Angelina went for a second round. These two teams didn’t like each other before Those Guys joined the Heat, and now the enmity is at an all-time high, mainly because the Magic feel like they’re being overshadowed. Understandable, but that tends to happen when the biggest offseason move you make is adding Quentin Richardson.

Since already know that Orlando luminaries Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy are sick and tired of talking about the Heat, it’s easy to assume that those feelings permeate the team. Turns out that assumption is right.

From the Associated Press:

“Honestly, I’m sick of listening every hour about Miami — Miami that, how great they are, how big they are, what kind of record they gonna have,” said backup center Marcin Gortat, who had eight points and seven rebounds. “I get every day interviews back in Poland, people calling me about Miami, Miami, what you think about Miami? What you think about Big Three? I’m going to say the same thing: they are a great team, they have three superstars, they got a couple good role players on the team.

“They looking good on the paper, but they got to start winning.”

You know things are bad when Marcin Gortat — a backup center who plays 15 minutes a game — is getting interviewed about the Heat every day in Poland. I’m not saying that Poland isn’t a basketball hotbed because it obviously is, but if the Heat signing two All-Stars is that big of a story halfway around the world, then it’s easy to see why the Magic are tired of all the Miami talk. This is a team that’s had two straight great seasons and now they’re considered afterthoughts, which probably makes them sad.

Of course, this is all coming from Marcin Gortat, so it’s a little underwhelming. Just to pose a totally random analogy, it’d be like if Eddie House were addressing the Miami Heat haters on behalf of his superstar team. Oh. Right.

Nonetheless, I like seeing these two teams openly dislike each other. It’ll make tonight’s already incredible matchup that much more fun. Keep ‘em talking.