It’s Halloween this weekend, you guys. Be safe out there. Watch out for razor blades in apples, boring sweets like candy corn and people dressed like the “Double Rainbow” guy. Constant vigilance.

Instead, celebrate the world’s third-worst holiday by staying in and watching the five best basketball games of the weekend.

Orlando Magic at Miami Heat — Friday
This is going to be a good one. Two of the best teams in the NBA who just so happen to hate each other right now. Tune in for the epic trash talk war between Eddie House and Marcin Gortat. That’s your marquee matchup, folks.

Los Angeles Lakers at Phoenix Suns — Friday
Sure, the Suns aren’t nearly as good as they were last year, but the playoff series between these two teams was something else. Plus, there’ll be so much purple on the court, you’ll think you’re watching a Cam’Ron concert film from 2004.

Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors — Friday
One team has Blake Griffin, and the other has a guy who scored 46 points on opening night. In the dictionary, next to “must watch,” you’ll find the definition for that term and then realize it perfectly describes this game. And, for that matter, the Lakers’ trip to Oakland on Sunday, as well.

New Orleans Hornets at San Antonio Spurs — Saturday
Things that have looked good this week: Tim Duncan, Chris Paul and Angela from “The Office” as a nurse. Two of these three things can be found in Saturday’s game at the AT&T Center. The last is probably On Demand by now. It’s worth checking out all three.

Fast & Furious at Box the Stars — Sunday
OK, so this is my men’s league team and it’s the second round of the playoffs, so tickets are limited. Odds are this won’t be on national TV either. But, if you can make it or find a stream online, I’ll be playing the game in costume. It is Halloween after all.