The season is mad young, but we’ve already seen a smattering — yep, a smattering — of very excellent dunks. Blakey GrifGriffs threw it down twice on and about the Trail Blazers while Wesley Johnson proved that his legs work very well by cramming on Luther Head’s namesake. But Hakim Warrick’s slamjam last night might be the best of the bunch.

It’s debatable, for sure, and I’d probably take Johnson if you put a gun to my head (please don’t do that, you jerk), but Warrick’s dunk definitely had the best play call/nickname. Between Kevin Harlan’s “Oooohh hoooohh ooooohhhh!!” and him inadvertently christening it “The Sledgehammer,” I could maybe be sold on this as the dunk of the week.

Pitch me on it down below. Or agree with me. Or don’t. It’s really up to you, man.

(via Get Banged On)

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  1. It’s no “WITH NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE” but that was another excellent dunk call by Harlan.

  2. I’d definitely go with Wes Matthews. jumping outside the circle, over Luther Head. oh ya, and he’s a rookie

  3. He was the Bucks best dunker, now we have….Jon Brockman, I guess.

  4. The Wes Johnson was great. Hakim Warrick’s was great. I guess Syracuse really teaches them to jam.

    Also, every time I see “Blakely GrifGriffs”, I hope it is about Marques Blakely, the 6’4 center from the University of Vermont who just got cut by the Clippers. He too can jam a basketball.

  5. Griffin’s dunks were both pretty awesome, but Hakim’s the quickness of the pick and roll execution and Warrick’s nearly out-of-control extension were just a little more awe inspiring. When a guy like Harlan gets that excited, I think that’s an indicator in Warrick’s favor.

  6. 2 posters for one dunk (first Raja Bell outside the charge-circle, then Paul Milsap at the rim).

    That’s gotta earn some kind of reward.

  7. Most of the best dunks – the ones that truly compromise another’s manhood – in that building are by players in jerseys other than Utah’s. Here’s an oldie but a goodie…

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