Lightning-quick recaps of the night that was, five days a week.

Orlando Magic 112, Washington Wizards 83
If you think that score looks bad, just consider that Hamady N’diaye led the Wizards in plus-minus with a whopping plus-4. He very well might be the best N’diaye in the storied history of basketball-playing N’diayes  — surpassing both Makhtar and Mamadou — but when he’s leading your team in plus-minus, it is probably not a good thing.

Phoenix Suns 110, Utah Jazz 94
I will readily admit that Jerry Sloan is likely a better basketball coach than I am since I have never coached a single team at any level and he is in the Hall of Fame for his coaching success. That seems like a fair concession to make. However, I would like to suggest that he tell the Jazz that they should stop trailing by double-digits at halftime of every game because that makes it way harder to win. Should be a simple fix and he can thank me later. (No Drake.)

Not a lot happened last night, but if you want to make Andray Blatche jokes down below, go for it. Come back later and listen to The Overdose — our 44 minute audio podcast filled with awesomeness and featuring FreeDarko’s Bethlehem Shoals as this season’s first guest. It’ll be good.