Lightning-quick recaps of the night that was, five days a week.

Orlando Magic 112, Washington Wizards 83
If you think that score looks bad, just consider that Hamady N’diaye led the Wizards in plus-minus with a whopping plus-4. He very well might be the best N’diaye in the storied history of basketball-playing N’diayes  — surpassing both Makhtar and Mamadou — but when he’s leading your team in plus-minus, it is probably not a good thing.

Phoenix Suns 110, Utah Jazz 94
I will readily admit that Jerry Sloan is likely a better basketball coach than I am since I have never coached a single team at any level and he is in the Hall of Fame for his coaching success. That seems like a fair concession to make. However, I would like to suggest that he tell the Jazz that they should stop trailing by double-digits at halftime of every game because that makes it way harder to win. Should be a simple fix and he can thank me later. (No Drake.)

Not a lot happened last night, but if you want to make Andray Blatche jokes down below, go for it. Come back later and listen to The Overdose — our 44 minute audio podcast filled with awesomeness and featuring FreeDarko’s Bethlehem Shoals as this season’s first guest. It’ll be good.

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  1. I really enjoyed the analysis of the injured Wizards small forward.

  2. Not nearly enough sleep last night.
    Random morning wishes:
    The day goes by fast.
    Somebody at work remembers to bring sugar for the coffee. Unlikely.
    Smart TBJ readers leave frothy comments on Searching for Slava.
    Bad TBJ readers leave bad comments on SfS.
    The stupid corpulent cat that my ex dumped on me stops crapping on the floor.
    Said cat finds its way outside and into the mouth of the neighbor’s dog.
    Somebody at work remembers to bring creamer for the coffee.
    I find money on the ground.
    Somebody at work remembers to bring coffee.
    I don’t ask for much.

  3. i just watch wizs game only to watch Wall in action but man… what a poor team…

  4. I already left an anti-Blatche comment on BDL, but I’ll make a different one here.

    Anyone else get bothered by the fact that, after every time Blatche screws something up, the camera pans to his face as he’s jogging to the other end of the floor and zooms in on him making a “I can’t believe that didn’t work!”-face?


  5. He’s also the sweatiest.

  6. I’m a Wizards fan and I think I cried a bit last night. If Orlando is one of the NBA’s deepest teams Washington is one of the most shallow. Blatche was double-teamed and taken out of his game and Jameer Nelson gave John Wall about five feet of space effectively sealing his speed and simultaneously forcing him to shoot a jump shot (which it turns out could still use some work). The Wizards are so easy to game plan against it’s not even funny.

  7. Can we nickname John Wall ‘The Wallocaust’???

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