The Miami Heat’s new hand thing

While hitting shot after shot against the Orlando Magic on Friday night, the Heat players were constantly throwing up this hand gesture. So, what does it mean?

My guess is they’ve heard enough of all the negative chatter directed their way. It could be some sort of “Shut Your Mouth” idea — “We’re so good, you can’t say anything.” Kind of odd because the Heat were at home. Either way, that 26-point blowout silenced all the early season bashers.

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  1. If this is really a “shhh” gesture, uhh, wow. The only way to silence the peacocking, preening, prima donnas is to look away. #GimmeABreak

  2. Around game 15… if Bosh is still putting up #’s that Beasley or Haslem could have put up in a starting role… can we start calling them the big two?

  3. Haslem can put up good number every game (double double) when they is no necessity on him to do it. That’s his fit. It was the same in 2006. It’s why he had a miserable last two years (if you watched, you understand, even though the numbers weren’t horrible).

    It is also why he is perfect on the bench. He’s the type of player that gives you the same quality numbers no matter if he’s starting or not. And the intangibles are always there.

    Last night, Bosh had 11-11. But it was an eassssy 11-11, within the confines of the system, without him playing particularly well. Haslem on the bench, gets that done too without overshooting, and then you have 20-20 from your power forward position in a BAD game by both, without having too many shots wasted.

    Beasley, he got the 20 points. Sometimes. When he isn’t giving you 6 points on 3-15 shooting. He was just was never efficient, and the rebounding was seldom there. We loved the guy down here for real, but he just wasn’t efficient at all, and his team defense was atrocious. The effort was there, and we all wish him the best, but the guy just hasn’t gotten it yet.

  4. They should have just used the “wolfpac” hand gesture, since the first thing that happened was the NWO takeover ramake with wade bosh and lebron. I would of loved that lol,,, New world Order = Miami Heat .

  5. Orlando had the worst shooting night I can ever remember them having. Miami will never again shoot 50% from 3.

    So whats the story here? Fluke win. Do it in May.

  6. Also, stop calling Orlando an elite team. Really, Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter were no shows in a big game?!?! When has that ever happened before?!?!

    There’s one Elite team, and they play out west.

  7. well i see you guys still dont get it. miami heat dont just wanna win, they wanna Embarrass you

  8. Mark Jackson explained it last night. He said it means No more talking. Let your game do the talking.

  9. The Heat should get t’d up for playing shadow puppet.

  10. The New-Heat team is changing the way we watch basketball. I’m not sure it’s for the betterment of the league.

    This is fun so far watching each game hoping they lose. But will it be in March? Next season?

  11. That was actually last Tuesday.

  12. Orlando having a bad shooting night is not really the issue. The issue is Dwight scoring 0 points in the second half with LeBron, Wade and Bosh on the bench together in the 3rd. The Heat are for real on defense. They proved this in the Celtics game, during which the C’s still shot the hell out of the ball. The Magic will shoot better next time, but they’re still a terrible passing team who the Heat can run over if their big bodies (Bosh, Haslem, Anthony, Howard, Z, Pittman) keep Dwight contained.

  13. The beauty of having Bosh is that if you put James and Wade on the bench you still have someone to run offense through. Being able to stretch the floor with their shooters should see him get plenty of isolation stuff so he can front up and take it to the hole.

  14. whatever happened to the the ol’ reliable shhhh gesture, where you put your finger to your lips and look around at the crowd from the court?

    kids these days.

  15. when bosh does the hand thing, he looks like a velociraptor ready to strike

  16. Watch “DO THE RIGHT THING” from Spike Lee. It’s how the greet each other.

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