They say that laughter is the best medicine and they are right. A 2006 study that I made up shows that chuckling has healing properties that rank just ahead of penicillin and acetaminophen on the Way Good Medicines Scale. Sure, those two legendary drugs have healed all kinds of maladies, both major and minor, but giggling surpasses them because it is so much fun to laugh. That’s why the saying was coined, I’m guessing.

Laughing is such a cure-all, in fact, that it will even fix the most damaging of problems. Like, for instance, a basketball player fighting his new teammate twice in the first month of the season. If you don’t trust me, perhaps you’ll listen to Dr. Delonte West, D.O.

From the Boston Globe’s Frank Dell’Apa:

“It’s not that serious,’’ West said. “We’ve moved past that, you know. We’re competitive guys being competitive. I’m competitive, he’s competitive. Hopefully, it’s for the betterment of the team. There’s nothing wrong with healthy competition and pushing each other to get better. Things went a little too far but, at the same time, we’re able to move past that. We’re professionals and we’re on to something different, we’ve forgotten all about it. We actually laughed about it [yesterday].

“I read the reports and a lot of things were taken out of [context], and facts were made up that were not true, how things played out. Guys get into scuffles, or whatever you want to call it, but at the end of the day we’re brothers in here and we had a big laugh about it. We’re trying to win, we’re competitive, we have fiery guys in here and, you know, you’ve got to get to the next thing, next game, next challenge.’’

Pssht — it’s just a little punching in the shower a week after getting heated on the practice court. No biggie. Laugh it off and move on, sillyheads. It’s not like two guys rumbling every time they face each other in practice is going to be bad for team chemistry over the course of a nine month season or anything like that.

You know, maybe the fight was blown out of proportion. Maybe Delonte West didn’t sucker punch Von Wafer following a practice altercation. And maybe Delonte and Von did have a nice moment where they were reminiscing about how hilarious it is to punch each other in the face all the time. But I have a hard time believing that they’ve moved past it and “forgotten all about it.” You don’t rumble with the same guy twice and just brush it off, no matter how competitive you are.

Or maybe you do and the Celtics having a big group guffaw is the best coping mechanism since Gilbert Arenas joined Javaris Crittenton in a hot tub following the “Pick One” incident. Never underestimate the power of modern medicine.