Dwyane Wade punctuates his flashy game with a flamboyant wardrobe. His penchant for bellhop inspired coats and Michael Jackson-style jackets means that his regular game night attire wouldn’t be out of place at a costume party, but for Halloween D-Wade went way beyond.

He became his “alter ego” – a Justin Timberlake look-alike. But instead of wearing a pair of Timberlake’s William Rast brand jeans, singing in a high pitch and having his arm around Jessica Biel (and possibly Olivia Munn), Wade went the extra mile.

He hired a professional makeup artist, Yessica Andrea Inc., to turn him white.

A weird, chalky white.

The result is a little scary. It looks like he’s wearing a Phantom of the Opera-style mask. The makeup covered his entire body, face and hands. His strawberry-blonde wig looks like it was scalped straight from Brian Scalabrine. The actual wardrobe is decent and the hat is typical Dwyane. The creepiest parts of the whole ensemble are the yellow eyebrows and goatee. It’s bizarre! Not only is it an inhuman facial hair colour that doesn’t match his wig, but the lemon yellow hair coupled with the chalk white skin makes him look like a creepy china doll. I appreciate his willingness to go all the way, but I wish he was either more artificial, or tried to be more lifelike. This combination is just plain odd.

As for the political correctness of D-Wade’s decision to go “ white face,” I have no comment. It doesn’t even look real, so I don’t have an issue with it. I don’t think Dwyane did it to make a racial statement — it’s just the exact opposite of his usual skin and his costume is meant to be his alter ego. After all, Sir Charles Barkley went pale to emulate Sammy Sosa on TNT, so why can’t his T-Mobile pal also have a little fun? I just wish it wasn’t so creepy. D-Wade’s Chucky doll costume is far scarier than his freakish athleticism or LeBron’s fangs.

(via Layce305)