Dwyane Wade punctuates his flashy game with a flamboyant wardrobe. His penchant for bellhop inspired coats and Michael Jackson-style jackets means that his regular game night attire wouldn’t be out of place at a costume party, but for Halloween D-Wade went way beyond.

He became his “alter ego” – a Justin Timberlake look-alike. But instead of wearing a pair of Timberlake’s William Rast brand jeans, singing in a high pitch and having his arm around Jessica Biel (and possibly Olivia Munn), Wade went the extra mile.

He hired a professional makeup artist, Yessica Andrea Inc., to turn him white.

A weird, chalky white.

The result is a little scary. It looks like he’s wearing a Phantom of the Opera-style mask. The makeup covered his entire body, face and hands. His strawberry-blonde wig looks like it was scalped straight from Brian Scalabrine. The actual wardrobe is decent and the hat is typical Dwyane. The creepiest parts of the whole ensemble are the yellow eyebrows and goatee. It’s bizarre! Not only is it an inhuman facial hair colour that doesn’t match his wig, but the lemon yellow hair coupled with the chalk white skin makes him look like a creepy china doll. I appreciate his willingness to go all the way, but I wish he was either more artificial, or tried to be more lifelike. This combination is just plain odd.

As for the political correctness of D-Wade’s decision to go “ white face,” I have no comment. It doesn’t even look real, so I don’t have an issue with it. I don’t think Dwyane did it to make a racial statement — it’s just the exact opposite of his usual skin and his costume is meant to be his alter ego. After all, Sir Charles Barkley went pale to emulate Sammy Sosa on TNT, so why can’t his T-Mobile pal also have a little fun? I just wish it wasn’t so creepy. D-Wade’s Chucky doll costume is far scarier than his freakish athleticism or LeBron’s fangs.

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  1. “It doesn’t even look real, so I don’t have an issue with it.”

    If Wade looked like a real white person, would you then take offense, Megan? Should African-Americans not take offense at blackface because it doesn’t look real?


    “Creepy China doll?”

    Don’t say you have no comment after making so many, Megan.

  2. LOL, How much must it suck to be the “Professional Make-up Artist” that failed on such an epic scale and in such a public way. Well she will never get any business for realistic theatrical make-up… Good thing she knows Dwayne Wade and he is willing to pay top dollar for her to not understand human skin pigments. LMAO

  3. Looks creepy…

  4. I think its cool… Sure it may not have turned out perfect, but its Halloween so all’s good! But I will admit it doesnt look very professional and I would have thought that a ‘professional’ would do a better job… Reminded me of the Marx’s Brothers not Justin Timberlake…

  5. I think they used cheaper white makeup than what I picked up at shoppers drug mart on Saturday night.

  6. Man…. I can’t even begin to imagine the hystery and commotion if, let’s say Troy Murphy (for no reason whatsoever except that he’s white and American), had come out as his african-american “alter-ego” wearing blackface makeup…

    I don’t think it’s intentionnal from Wade, but it is a statement: you can be disguised as a white person and people will comment more on the poor make-up job than the political incorrectness of the thing… I’m pretty sure you couln’t say the same of disguising as a black person…

  7. justin timberlake? more like a mime to me.

    but that ‘pro’ make-up did a nipslip :D

  8. For a Halloween costume I’ve no problem with a black person dressing as a white person or a white person dressing as a black person. There is far more than unites us than divides us. I don’t want limitations like I can’t dress up as Justin Timberlake because I’m not white. It’s not like a stereotype costume involving generic white face or black face, it’s a specific person or character. Pimp or investment banker shouldn’t require any makeup because they can be any race. A Justin Timberlake costume implies white guy, so Dwayne Wade would need makeup to do it.

    So under my guidelines: Troy Murphy in black makeup to be Rick James = ok. Troy Murphy in black makeup generically or for a stereotype like black pimp = bad.

  9. First, “white face” doesn’t exist for the same reason that black face is offensive; it’s a real historical reference. Black face refers directly to stage performers from the 1800′s to early 1900′s wearing grease paint make-up, singing “Mammy” style parodies of black spirituals, and generally parading across the stage or screen in an offensive caricature of stereotypes designed to illustrate all blacks as ignorant, shiftless, and backward. Black face was worn by both white and black performers and you can even see it on cartoon characters in both Warner Bros. and Disney’s old work. It does not, in fact, refer to using make-up to realistically attempt to look ethnically African.

    Second, it has no white-folk cognate as there is no tradition of blacks painting their face like a mime (the essential negative image of the black face) and parodying an oppressed white minority.

    With all of that in mind, there is nothing inherently racist in attempting to alter one’s pallor during Halloween in order to strike the right chord for a character. However, I would question the necessity to go black to be a generic pimp or perhaps white to be a generic hayseed.

  10. DWade looks good :) Nice! :)

  11. I know what blackface is, and you should know that yellowface existed too, so it’s not really that linked to black people… Or making fun of people for that matter, since it was also used in early movies when lacking a recognisible black/asian person (i.e. David Carradine in a series where he was playing an asian)… It’s also not that out of use either, given how late it was used…

    Wade wasn’t going as Timberlake, he was going as his (white) alter-ego… The only characteristic here is whiteness, so it kinda of is stereotypical, if not insulting at all… And I wouldn’t call that an attempt to realistically look caucasian…

    You can’t say he was going as Timberlake with this wig on…

    I wouldn’t have any problem with that costume if it was meant to be Timberlake, but it clearly isn’t (other people than him dressed like that)…

    It probably is intended as a joke, but he’s still disguised as a generic white person, which is weird IMO… Not saying it’s racist (where blackface would be), just weird.

  12. He actually looks more like Charlie Chaplin, sans the Hitler moustache!
    Historical legacy aside, this is just a blatant double-standard. I’ll allow that he wasn’t doing this as an insult. But heck, will.i.am got in trouble last year for supposed “blackface” and he’s black! Suzanne Sugerbaker got into black-face on “Designing Women” and it was funny, because of her ignorance that people may be insulted. Well if anything, DeWayne is going to start a whole new dialoge on this subject. maybe he and Robert Downey, Jr. can appear on a show together!
    I hope Whoopi brings this up on “The View”!

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  15. D Wade is a blatant racist. Especially in light of his recent hoodie cover of Ebony. Best not come near my hood Skittle brain. .

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