On today’s show, Skeets and Tas bring you this season’s first set of weekend Winners and Losers. On the up side, Al Jefferson and the Jazz finally get a win, the Lakers impress and the Hornets surprise. On the down side, Greg Oden’s name joins an infamous list, the Hawks ignore an All-Star and Michael Beasley refuses to stay easy. All that, plus NBA Halloween costumes, weddings and a special birthday wish for an MTV legend.

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Comments (23)

  1. One more loser: All of us, for losing Blazers legend Maurice Lucas.

  2. That quote spoke to me, Tas.

  3. Don’t listen to Tas. Based on this year, both Griffin and Kaman would have each been Top 25 in rebound rate last year.

  4. You guys are also going to want to check out the Hawks’ Halloween costumes, courtesy of Zaza Pachulia: http://plixi.com/4618496

  5. Did I say Kourtney Kardashian? I meant Khloe, obviously.

  6. Based on this year, Joakim Noah will average 18 rebounds a game. Based on Kaman’s career, he is an average rebounder (an average rebound rate and total number of rebounds), except for 07-08 when he tore up the league. His blocks are also porous.

  7. wow haha if that’s paul pierce in the frog costume, then paul pierce ftw (it’s a frog right?)

  8. Horford was just given an extension.

  9. Tomorrow I will ask a ridiculous question. Will anyone get the joke..

  10. Good… Horford is a great player but there’s no way he gets a max contract… But this is cheap for a top15 big in this league!

    This team (Hawks) just has such a 1 or 2 pieces away feeling… No real starting-caliber center (sorry Zaza) and Mike Bibby isn’t what he used to be…

  11. Losers: The Pistons (0-2). Losing a close one to OKC and then getting destroyed in a 4th Q comeback against the Bulls

  12. Horford’s contract apparently has many bonuses attached to it.

  13. If you look at Paul Pierce’s twitter, there there are a few more costumes. David Ortiz is in one of them. I’ve always thought of him as being huge, but the Celtics are towering over him in the picture.

    How about Rondo as a winner for that performance on Friday night?

  14. Al Horford’s page has a few extra shots from the party


  15. @NIck – I thought you would have been a lot more angry for the non-mention. It was a sloppy 24-assist night anyway.

  16. Different shooting angle? Where did those stairs come from?

  17. Sloppy?? That was like poetry in motion.

    I was a little bothered by the non-mention. What really chaps my ass is that we’re almost a full week into the season and you guys haven’t said a goddamn word about Kendrick Perkins.

  18. anything special happening for the big 600th show?

  19. anyone know the music in the middle of the episode? I only get audio version! Cheers

  20. horford got signed now 5 years 60 million

  21. Loving the fix! Who’s the girl in the picture btw? Dayum she’s smoking!

  22. Hey Tas

    LOVING the randomness. Keep it up bro.

  23. @Arne: It’s the birthday girl (JM) the wishes went out to.

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