TBJ Top 5, featuring happy Patty

There are only three games on tonight, which means you’re going to have a chance to relax and really enjoy these contests. Plus, you can probably whip up that risotto you’ve been meaning to cook for the past three weeks. Big night.

Portland Trail Blazers at Chicago Bulls
With the season nearly 4 percent complete, the Bulls have the NBA’s leading scorer (Derrick Rose) and leading rebounder (Joakim Noah). As we’ve seen in the past, these sort of things always hold up, just like when Flip Murray led the league in scoring during the 2003-04 season.

San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Clippers
It’s always worth watching Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. Blake Griffin’s a highlight waiting to happen. Heck, the Spurs are even playing at the NBA’s seventh fastest pace so far this season. Everything about this game says, “Watch me.”

Toronto Raptors at Sacramento Kings
Here’s a fun parlor game that I just invented — Evans vs. Evans. You bet on whether or not Reggie Evans’ combined rebounds and fouls will be higher than Tyreke Evans’ points. Winner gets to punch loser in the gonads. Fun for the whole family.

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts
I can’t stand listening to music when I wake up to play basketball at 5:30 am, so I listen to sports radio. Word on the airwaves is that this might be a handing-of-the-torch game in the AFC South. If not, well, there’s a reason this site isn’t called The Football Jones.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo — 9pm ET)
The one time I actually watched an episode of this, Eric Snow showed up and was shooting jumpers on his outdoor court. They showed maybe 45 seconds of Snow shooting and he didn’t make a single shot. This, my friends, is reality TV done right.

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    /cooking risotto that I’ve been planning to make for the last few days

  2. I bet on Reggie Evans

  3. The Spurs/Clips game WAS watchable for stretches at a time… the Clippers seem so loaded with talent but that’s nothing new and somewhat beside the point when you’re playing for the worst owner in sports. And at any rate, the very active Kaman, Griffin and Gordorn were playing a bunch of old curmudgeons who made it look like what it was, futile.

  4. OK, “Evans vs. Evans” really needs a rules extension. What happens in the case of a tie like tonight? Please hurry, I am in limbo here and I have an severe itch to gonad-punch someone.

  5. Nathan – in cases of ties, you both try to punch each other in the gonads at the same time.

    There was a passing of the torch in the AFC South alright – right back to Indianapolis after they slapped the Texans around. Booyah! Go Colts.

    On a serious note, there’s actually a bit of a need for an irreverent NFL podcast. Think you can talk The Score into hiring me, moving me to Toronto and setting me up with a TFJ gig, Matt?

  6. [...] vs. Evans.” Since no rules had been invented for this situation, I think commenter “drewski” is right — both sides have to try to punch each other in the gonads at the same time. It’s only [...]

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