There are things to like about the Philadelphia 76ers. They’ve got a good young point guard in Jrue Holiday. Andre Iguodala, while probably not as top drawer as he thinks, remains one of the better perimeter players in the league. Evan Turner probably isn’t a bust. Spencer Hawes’ nickname is “Ball Friendly.” This is a team that could contend for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, depending on health, improvement and just how well they respond to Doug Collins’ coaching.

But on the other hand, there’s this, courtesy of ESPN:

“We have to break a lot of losing habits,” Collins said. “I told the guys after the game that there is not one guy in this room who has a winning record in the NBA as a pro. Are we going to change? That’s my job, to get it done.”

Yikes. I’m not sure if it’s entirely true considering guys like Tony Battie and Andres Nocioni have played for some good teams, but the fact of the matter is that the Sixers have collected a bunch of NBA players who have terrible records in the NBA. Guys like Elton Brand, Spencer Hawes and Darius Songaila have lost a ton of games and they’re supposed to be the mentors for the new Sixers who have also lost a ton of games. It’s a vicious cycle.

Of course, the fact that these guys lost a lot a games in the past has virtually no meaning for this season’s game. The past is the past. However, it never hurts to have guys who know what it takes to close out games. The 76ers don’t have that and that could end up being a problem.

Or, I suppose, they could lose so many games that they luck in to the No. 1 overall pick and draft a guy who takes them to the Finals almost single-handedly within five years. It’s worked for Philly before.