Sure, LeBron James is now saying that he regrets how “The Decision” went down, but I’m guessing he’s more than a little happy that his newest commercial is so popular that United States senate candidates are spoofing it for their campaigns. Any publicity is good publicity, as they say. Gotta keep ‘em talking.

However, can you imagine how weird this ad would be for a person watching TV who’s never seen Nike’s “Rise” campaign? They’re probably like, “Yes, you should keep trying to save jobs in Ohio. I would vote for you if you did that.”

That being said, even if the voter hasn’t seen LeBron’s ad, they know LeBron. And, let me tell you, dunking on LeBron — even if that dunk is faker than the one in “American History X” — is sure to win some votes in Ohio.

(via @jkadis)