Lightning-quick recaps of the night that was, five days a week.

Miami Heat 101, New Jersey Nets 78
Just imagine how much differently this game had turned out if the Nets had been the ones to land LeBron James and Chris Bosh. I’m guessing Johan Petro wouldn’t have played almost 14 minutes.

Dallas Mavericks 99, Los Angeles Clippers 83
On one hand, Blake Griffin had 16 points. 9 rebounds and led the Clippers with two steals. On the other, he finished the game minus-27 in 32 minutes of play. Kind of a yin-yang of “nice” and “yep, he’s a Clipper,”

Utah Jazz 120, Oklahoma City Thunder 99
So far this season the Thunder are winless in games where Cole Aldrich gets his first NBA basket on a putback dunk while wearing one sleeve and a prison haircut. Look for this trend to both continue and be super relevant.

Los Angeles Lakers 107, Golden State Warriors 83
Two seasons ago, Vladimir Radmanovic started and played 17 minutes a game for the Lakers. Now, he’s a bit player for the Warriors with a bald spot. Downgrade, for sure, but at least he has a warm fleece blanket for when he’s sitting by a fire listening to Neil Diamond and reading. It’s the little things.

More analysis to come on The Fix. Talk amongst yourselves below. Lots of Vlad-Rad jokes to be vlad-had.