Over the summer, LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers in a one-hour TV special called “The Decision” that everyone immediately thought was a bad idea. Odds are you’ve heard of this.

Following that “show,” everybody who’s anybody took their shots at LeBron’s ill-conceived foray in to television. People as disparate as Steve Carell, the Old Spice Guy and — as seen above — Anthony Tolliver made jokes about the “show,” all within reason as the 60-minute LeBron infomercial was full of some of the most nonsensical things uttered by humans in the 21st century.

Now, LeBron regrets how “The Decision” went down, probably because he realizes that it was terrible. And, as we just learned, Tolliver kind of regrets his own video, but mostly because he doesn’t want to upset LBJ.

From the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

“If he sees the video, he should know it had nothing to do with him personally,” Tolliver said. “It was more of me having fun with the situation. I didn’t make the video for him. I made it for people who know me, my family and friends. I try to tell people it had nothing to do with him. It was just one of those things that blew up.”

Oh, fiddlesticks, Anthony Tolliver. Fiddlesticks, so much. All you did was make a kind-of funny video that mocked what everyone else who cares about basketball was mocking at the same time. There’s no reason to smooth things over. It’s just a joke. I’m sure Steve Carell isn’t calling up “Entertainment Weekly” to explain that he meant no offense to LeBron when he said he wanted to eat at Outback.

Not to mention, LeBron James is a grown up who has hosted “Saturday Night Live.” The man understands humor and should be able to take a joke.

James said he’s yet to see the video. When asked about it last week, he simply said, “We play Minnesota twice.”

Never mind. Totally forgot that despite his fun-loving antics, LeBron is totally humorless. He’s still in his “taking names” phase, so he’s not going to let a hastily-produced joke video that was posted on YouTube slide by without noting this heinous crime. Of course he’s going to hold a grudge about it. Lighten up, man.

However, if this is some sort of massive in-joke where Anthony Tolliver is going to publicly mimic everything LeBron James does, then I am very much on board. Here’s hoping LeBron makes some more bad choices so Tolliver has some good source material to work with.