Ep. 599: Pay Day

On today’s pennant-winning show, Skeets and Tas take an in-depth look at the Bulls and Blazers before taking stock of who got paid before the contract extension deadline. Why did coach Nate punish his starters? Did the Blazers play the right D in spite of Deng’s career night? Is there any way to justify Mike Conley’s new contract? All that, plus a beastly Griffin, a gassed Splitter and a plan to force feed Baron Davis.

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Comments (9)

  1. I hope there are big celebrations in store tomorrow for Episode 600!

  2. I 100% agree with Matt Moore. Conley is barely a fringe starting point guard. To have 125 million tied up in Rudy Gay and Mike Conley is nothing short of absurd, and it makes it nearly impossible to resign Mayo, Gasol, and ZBo. Its quite possible the Grizzlies could be looking at a Conley-Henry-Gay-Carroll-Thabeet lineup in 2-3 years (CHAMPIONSHIP!!).

  3. thanks for mentioning the turks Tas!!
    and i dnt agree with the pgs take a while to blossom.. take rose for example…

  4. I feel like Amin’s question wasn’t answered. Rather than stating that the other 29 GMs aren’t willing to deal with Miami, I think his point was to question what assets do the Heat have that are enticing enough to merit a deal.

    Their trio of superfriends wrap up most of the cap space. I don’t imagine them trading Miller since he’s their biggest threat from deep. Haslem is one of their more serviceable big so I don’t see him going either. This leaves Joel Anthony, Eddie House, Carlos Arroyo, James Jones, Mario Chalmers, Dexter Pittman and a slew of veterans that no one wants: Big Z, Juwan Howard, Jerry Stackhouse and Jamaal Magloire. Not only is the value of their pieces thin, but their individual contracts makes it hard to make a trade.

    The Miami Heat also shelled out a ton of draft picks in the offseason. They gave up their 2011, 2013, 2015 first round picks. They also gave up their 2011 and 2012 second round picks. Factor in that Miami will probably end with a top 5 record, and you’re looking at abyssal assets.

  5. So far this season your podcasts have lacked zipp – could it be that the old girlfriend just does not get the jucise flowing like new sqeeze ( tsn show )?
    Having said that I do enjoy your take on the Association.
    The contracts being tossed around are mind boggling, I have to believe these GMs are banking on a contract roll back in the next CBA. No idea on how they could roll them back but I can’t see how these contracts fit into the 1/3 reduction in team salaries Stern is forecasting/proposing.

  6. Come on Tas! It’s the 3rd time you give us the 6’11 2.3ast stat, you shouldn’t have to read your paper everytime!

  7. The Heat need to get themselves a 5. This will be especially pressing once Sheed returns to the Celtics in February. And, as Amin said, they don’t have shit to give up. It’s great.

  8. Skeets pulls the biggest porn “oh yeah” at 12:23

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