As we all know, New York City is the concrete jungle where dreams are made. If you can make it there, you can make it everywhere. It’s the one of the world’s foremost media, fashion and theatre capitals of the world. New Yorkers swear by it and look down upon you if you’re not from there. It’s the United States’ biggest city and one of the most important places on Earth.

And Marcin Gortat totally hates it. Thinks it stinks. Literally.

From Fox Sports Florida:

“The only thing I remember from New York is – it’s sad – but it’s terribly dirty and it smells bad too,” Gortat said. “I know New York fans will hate me probably [for saying that] … It’s an incredible city, great city, great fans, a lot of fans, a lot of famous people … but one of the memories I’ve got is it’s a dirty place and it smells bad.”

Tell ‘em how you really feel, Marcin Gortat. I like how he tries to soften the blow by saying how great the city and the fans are while still maintaining how dirty and smelly the place is. Nice cover-up, but the damage is done.

New Yorkers, I’m sure, are going to be very upset with a bit player calling them out for having a dirty, smelly city as NYC’s residents are well known for their civic pride. However, right now, they’re also kind of known for their city-wide bed bugs infestation, which is incredibly gross.

You win this time, Marcin Gortat.

(via Marcel Mutoni)