Eric Gordon was such a dunking machine last night, that the above dunk — an early dunk of the year candidate in its own right — wasn’t even the best dunk he had last night.

No, my friends, this was his best dunk of the night:

“Here comes the boom” — P.O.D., 2002 (Sorry.)

Awesome call, by the way. Both the exultant “OH ME OH MY!” and the hilariously calm “and a nice dunk by Eric Gordon.” Combining those two is like remaking “The Shawshank Redemption” with 1994 Jim Carrey in the lead role.

Comments (6)

  1. That second Gordon dunk was so filthy I had to change my socks.

  2. Rebecca Haarlow is unimpressed with your feats of athleticism though. I felt bad for young James Anderson, holy hell what a dunk. I made sounds a grown man shouldn’t when it happened

  3. two devastating dunks and gordon’s face still looks MISERABLE.

  4. Rebecca Haarlow is like, “Pssht, whatever.”

  5. so could the clippers be good if baron davis didn’t suck so much? or are they now just a team of really good dunkers?

  6. oh me oh my! lol gotta love ralph lawler

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