Baron Davis is a very athletic, very talented basketball player. He’s the author of one of my favorite basketball moves ever — this excellent behind-the-back masterpiece from his days at UCLA — and he’s extremely proficient in the vital area of beard growing. He’s a great penetrator, creative passer and a solid defender when he wants to be. He’s everything you could want in a point guard, except for the parts where he’s consistently lazy and falls in love with jumpers he shouldn’t be taking.

Unfortunately for new Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro, he has to learn all of that the hard way.

From the Orange County Register:

“Baron has incredible amounts of talent and ability,” Del Negro said, “but his focus needs to be on staying in condition and playing at a high level. And he hasn’t done that for a while, and I know he’s frustrated with that, but there’s things he has to do to correct that.”

Del Negro said Davis had “gotten out of shape pretty badly” over the summer, and while giving him credit for two months of hard work to get into condition, “that should have been a process right after the season ended.

“It shouldn’t have happened just two months ago. We all know that. And that’s what we’re dealing with.”

Let’s break this down:

  • Mention of Baron’s immense talent: check.
  • Criticism of his lack of focus: check.
  • Disappointment with his conditioning: check.
  • Knock on his work ethic: check.
  • Continued optimism despite these shortcomings: check.

Yep, that’s the dictionary definition of “Baron Davis.” Good luck with that, Vincenzo.

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  1. Man, Baron really makes me want to cry…. All this talent going to waste… He could have been CP3 before CP3: passing, dribbling, penetrating, finishing, defending, stealing the ball, the guy could do it all (he wasn’t even that bad of a shooter for a while, just streaky)…

    He’s a prime example of what work ethic (or in this case lack of it) means in this game, even when you are ridiculously skilled…

  2. Dear 2010-11 Baron Davis:

    I am truly saddened and dissapointed to see that the huge contract that I earned with hustle, hard work, leadership and flat-out ridiculous play, has led you to become the desinterested, fat, awful, excuse-making player that you are today. Not even the video that Emanuelle Chriqui shot of you rollerskating is as embarrassing as the way you are playing right now.

    Where’s the focus? Where’s the toughness? Where’s the athleticism? Where are the posterizing dunks? Where are the headbands? I barely know you, Baron!!

    Come on, man!!! Chris Paul alley-ooped Tyson Chandler for a whole season, all the way to a win short of the Conference Finals. You don’t have Tyson Chandler. You have someone way, waaaay better now. You have Blake Griffin. When that dude jumps, he looks like he just got launched from a blob by Charles Barkley.

    Oh, you didn’t like the Chris Paul comparison, huh? Would you prefer a Stephen Curry comparison, perhaps? Oh, you don’t like that either, huh?

    This is our chance now, Baron. Seize it. Get your toughness and your focus back. Stop looking away when coach Vinny is talking to your face, and for God’s sake, stop shooting jumpshots until you get them straight . You don’t need to do that this season cause you actually does have a decent team around you.

    Sincerely with all my beard,

    2007-08 Baron Davis

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