You know, it doesn’t say much for the post-NBA political careers of Aaron Gray and Jeff Foster that Shawn Bradley and Chris Dudley struggled in their respective elections yesterday. Apparently, United States citizens aren’t quite ready to elect legislators with hyperactive pituitary glands.

Too bad, really. I definitely thought they were, ahem, slam dunk candidates.

Comments (6)

  1. Dudley is leading in an election that is currently “too close to call.”

  2. Chris Dudley is actually up by 14,000+ votes

  3. Have you seen this GREAT anti-Dudley FT-shooting political commercial???

  4. Chris –

    Good point. Lots of conflicting information out there. Updated.

    Jon –

    That’s amazing.

  5. I’m gonna flip if Dudley becomes my goddamn governor.

  6. I knew this had to be a Kerby post.

    It would take a tenth of a second to look up the actual data but no. You sir, are one useless “editor”.

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