Through four games, Rajon Rondo has 67 assists, good for 16.8 a game. Just for reference, that’s more than 14 teams in the NBA. Sure, the Celtics have played more games than a few teams this season, but that’s still an incredible mark. I mean, the Magic have 25 assists through two games, just one more than Rondo had against the New York Knicks. It’s ridiculous. He’s piling up assists like Edeltraud Dreier collects kitchen timers.

Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know. But if you listen to the Celtics, they think he’ll keep it up.

From the Boston Globe:

“[Expletive], why not?’’ [Kevin] Garnett said after a 109-86 win over the Pistons. “You say he can’t. I say he can, you know. It’s all about the flow and all about if guys are hitting their shots. If he’s in a rhythm or a real good groove, he knows when to attack. He’s picking and choosing when to do certain things. He’s mixing it up really well. He’s keeping defenses off-balance. Who says he can’t?’’

Not to burst Kevin Garnett’s angry bubble, but the highest per game assist mark for an entire season is 14.5 (John Stockton, ’89-90), so probably a lot of people say that he can’t. It’s not a mean thing, it’s just people saying that it’s pretty unlikely that Rondo’s going to have insane assist totals throughout the year.

But, as we all know, Kevin Garnett is an emotional guy who is prone to saying some pretty silly things. Perhaps it would be best to ask a more down-to-Earth Celtic like Ray Allen if he thinks Rondo will continue to perform this well.

“I think he can keep it up,’’ Ray Allen said. “I don’t see why he can’t, but really it’s can we keep it up as a team? We have to all be playing and making sure we’re doing our jobs.’’

OK, great. Never mind about Ray Allen. He’s down with the assist factory as well. Maybe it’s a team-wide thing, with none of these guys thinking they’ll ever miss a shot leading to outlandish assist totals for Rajon Rondo.

Doesn’t anyone think that he might taper off, even a little bit?

“Most likely it probably won’t continue to happen like this,’’ [Rondo] said. “But if they make shots, then it will. I’m not going to put it all on them. But it starts out with the defense. We need the stops, and that leads to easy baskets.’’

There we go. All it took was the team’s youngest player — c’mon, Luke Harangody doesn’t really count — to find a little perspective. Rajon Rondo’s amazing, but averaging 16 assists a game is craziness.

Then again, the Celtics do have some lights-out shooters and excellent finishers. Having those things can lead to some easy assists, which are going to keep that number very high. You never know…